LA UNION | Lunch at the Provincial Capitol in San Fernando City

Monday, May 14, 2012

Standing majestically on top of a hill overlooking San Fernando City is La Union’s massive Provincial Capitol.

Originally located at San Fernando City’s current City Hall, it has been transferred to its present location after the Japanese bombings of the Second World War. Construction started in 1949 and was finished a year after.
Unifying the province’s 19 municipalities and 1 lone city, the Capitol stands as a testament to La Union’s name which literally means The Union.

The massive Capitol sports a Neo-Classical look, with towering pillars out front and terraced balconies on its east and west axis. It would have been more formal if painted in white, but I guess pink is okay too.

Dubbed as the People’s Capitol, it’s generosity to its people extended to the Lakbay Norte 3 group as we made our way through its cool interiors for our midday meal.

We were served local delicacies along with fresh fruits inside one of the Capitol’s airy halls.
Dinakdakan, an Ilocano dish compromised of grilled pork cut from a pig’s ears, snout and cheeks. The meat is sliced into small portions and mixed withy onions and chilies among other spices. I’m guessing this is totally popular with beer drinkers.
Pinakbet, another classic northern recipe was also present at the buffet table. Although I’m not a fan of this particular dish, my aunts and uncles dig this like its ice cream. The combination of okras, eggplants, stringbeans, chilies, squash and the dreaded ampalaya (bitter melon) mixed with shrimp paste sends most kids screaming from the dining table. I guess Pinakbet is an acquired taste, but I never seem to acquire it how much I try.
My favorite among the dishes served was the Grilled Blue Marlin. It’s a straightforward grilled delight and I love its subtle smoked fish meat taste.

Our time at La Union’s Capitol may be brief but it was enlightening nonetheless, not only did we acquaint ourselves with the province’s colorful history but also with their unique dishes.

    La Union Provincial Capitol
    Aguila(Zig-Zag) Road, San Fernando City
    Telephone: (072) 242-5550 ‎
    GPS Coordinates: 16.613043,120.318325 | Click to view location on Google Maps

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  1. There's a good eatery din near the capitol. It's sort of like a carinderia but the place looks like a Jollibee store. Medyo weird decor but they have good food. Unfortunately I forgot the name already. We ate there ages ago nga. Early 2000s, I think. I was still in college then. =D

  2. Grilled Marlin is the best bro. Ano kayang lasa pag nag combined, Pinakbet at Grilled Marlin sa isang plate? :-).

  3. Tin
    Sayang we were unable to explore the place further, limited lang yung tour namin dun sa capitol mismo

    Haha I really don't know, I don't eat pinakbet eh :P