BENGUET | Airsoft Shoot ‘Em Up at Baguio City

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Slowly inching my way through the thick underbrush, the sunlight piercing through the tops of the giant pine trees, and my hand firmly gripping a heavy submachinegun—I felt I was part of some elite black ops unit somewhere in Laos or Vietnam.

But it was all make-believe. What I have in my heavy gun were plastic pellet ammunitions and I was not in some far-flung godforsaken place, in fact I’m in Baguio City, at the backyards of the Baguio Country Club.

The main activity for the sixth day of the Lakbay Norte 3 tour was to mercilessly shoot each other out at the pine forest of Baguio City.


Being hit with pellet bullets is really no fun and I’m sure I’m not the only one who was having second thoughts in joining the mock war game. One of the participants summed it up when he said “Ayaw na ayaw ko talaga yung nasasaktan ako” (The thing I don’t like the most is getting hurt). I agree two-hundred-percent with him.

But what the hell, I don’t think I’ll get another chance in playing Rambo for free, so hard-hitting pellets notwithstanding, I went ahead, got my jacket on, picked up a gun, donned my mask, and proceeded to the killing fields.

Airsoft games originated from where everything cool usually starts, Japan. Being barred from owning firearms as a consequence of their notorious participation during the Second World War, they instead made air powered replicas of it with pellets as bullets. And it’s one expensive hobby too.

The game has now spread throughout the globe with scenarios as straightforward as last man standing, capture the flag games, to more complicated kidnapping scenarios and having enemy infiltrators within your own team whoa can either rack painful pellets behind your back or join your cause.

Most airsoft games are set on urban locations but with Baguio City, we get to play them on lush pine covered forests.

The city’s cool air didn’t help though once we roughed it out and crouched and crawled our way to our enemy camps, firing guns without discrimination. The going was hot, rough, and dirty. Actually, it was freakin’ fantastic! There’s nothing like hearing zings of pellets passing just a few centimeters from your face and giving them some pellets to eat too.

The whole afternoon was spent squeezing triggers, never letting go ‘til it was too dark to play. We crouched, we crawled, we fell, and we squeezed the life off all the ammos we had through the weedy underbrush and pine trees. I am a pacifist at heart but playing airsoft totally rocks!

Play Airsoft Games in Baguio
Baguio Airsoft Club


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  1. this is sooo cool!
    Let em eat some pellets!

  2. yeah, i saw photos of my high school batch mates playing that.. looks fun, not so much when you get hit though.. :D

  3. Nice combat photos! Although I do wonder if the color pellets are easily washed away by water. And if it's environmentally-friendly. Wouldn't want to se a technicolor forest. Hehehe! =D

  4. Nice guns! Mukang masakit yung sniper. I like the battle field, kung sasali ako dito siguro full armor ako ^_^

  5. Cool! It sounds as if you had a blast. They have it here too but the fact that it's always cold & wet here is why I've never tried it. But I can definitely see it's appeal.

  6. So how's the post-adrenaline sting of the pellet guns? I heard na masakit nga daw talaga. If ever na itatry ko talagang babalutin ko ang sarili ko ng bonggang bongga. Hahaha

  7. Francis
    Haha yeah!

    I agree with that, I was so hesitant in joining in at first for fear of a bullet hitting me in an unprotected area haha

    I think you're referring to paintballs? These ones don't have paint in them :)

    Haha I wish I had prepared more for this para matapang ako sumugod :P

    I guess it's much nicer to play in cooler areas since it gets really hot with all the layers of clothing for protection, try mo rin! :)

    Masakit daw pero hindi ako tinamaan ng malakas eh swerte lang :D

  8. san pwde bumili ng gas powered na sniper rifle dito sa baguio?

    1. Hi Leopoldo, to be honest, I have no idea where you can score airsoft rifles in Baguio. I'm quite sure there are shops selling those in Baguio though. :)

  9. San po pwede bibili ng rifle at hand gun at mag paregister sa club po

    1. Hi, you can try joining here: