POSTCARDS | Into the Pine Forests of Baguio City

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Across North Pine’s verandah is a hill full of towering pine trees; I haven’t seen so much trees on a residential area in Baguio City. From morning coffees at the deck, I can see a trail leading deeper into the woods. We followed this dirt path one chilly afternoon, climbing upwards through pine-needled forest floor, passing joggers, bikers and horse riders. I’ve always been fond of trails and this one branches everywhere. After running around and getting lost for a bit, we eventually climbed a pass that led us to the grounds of Camp John Hay. Perfect, time for some ice-blended coffee! Coffee cup

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  1. nice! diretso sa starbucks sa camp john hay..
    gusto ko dyan!
    eto yata yuing pinaka unique na starbucks na nakita ko. :)

  2. perfect place to do photoshoot and portrait shots... nice and green!

  3. I like your postcards series kuya! A bit to catch up stuff from ur whereabouts. Just a teaser na tease na tease ako! hehehe

  4. Francis
    The Starbucks in Camp John Hay is my all time favorite coffee place :)

    It is really, specially with a f/1.8 lens :)

    Haha ang hirap kasi magsulat saka magphotoshop ng maraming photos while on location :P

  5. Karl
    Haha nakakatamad kasi mag blog ng mahaba while on the road eh :P

  6. I was brought there by my boyfriend last time for a vacation. Aside from the beauty of the place. I find it romantic. Its really awesome walking along the trail with him.

    1. I have to say that this is really one of the best places to stay in Baguio :)