POSTCARDS | Cool Summer at Baguio City

Monday, April 16, 2012

Escaping the suffocating heat of Manila, we boarded a northbound bus to the summer capital of the Philippines. This is my third trip to Baguio City this year and my first time to ever come up during the summer season. I didn’t bring a jacket with me this time, expecting a not so cool Baguio. Boy was I wrong; the air is nippy even at high noon! Here’s a view from our room’s verandah in North Pine Transient House. Cold weather, hot coffee, starry skies, cool pine trees, colorful wild flowers, neighing horses and kids playing baseball on sprawling green fields; I love this place! High five

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  1. Weeee. gondo! Twilight, I like :)

  2. hehe natuloy na honeymoon mo :P kakamiss ang baguio!

  3. wow. very quaint-looking. not all of Baguio look like that nowadays. I was there last October and I was sad for the city center coz I spent many summers sa part ng Baguio na ganyan ang itsura.

  4. Elal
    Salamat! I knew you'd like this :)

    Haha honeymoon talaga? :P

    I agree, this is a very different Baguio indeed; ang ganda dito :)

  5. Wow! I miss vacationing in Baguio. The weather's just so nice and cool. =)

  6. Tin
    Hopefully makabalik ulit ako ng Baguio this month, ang sarap lang talaga dun during summer :)