Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I once asked Ed of SoloflightEd why he got an expensive Headware than buying a much cheaper bandana to use for his travel. He explained that it was much better than your regular biker dude bandana and proceeded to demonstrate its uses. Still, considering it is ten times more expensive, I was left unconvinced.

A week ago, I got a chance to test this wonder bandana called Headware in Baguio City after being sent a couple of samples. The first one’s a limited edition Marvel-inspired Headware that’s a bit too colorful for my taste (so I gave it to A instead) and the other’s a much more conventional black floral design that I kept.

The cloth was really soft and as I tried to put it on and I was surprised how easy it was to breathe through its fabric.

Although I only got to use it for an anonymous profile portrait for my Facebook account and didn’t get to try it on an actual shut-eye situation, I’m pretty sure this would be a sure-fire way to sleep through a long bus ride.
The Headware’s tubular design makes it easy to wrap on one’s wrist when not in use. It also doubles as a handy hanky to keep your face sweat-free during long walks. Plus it just looks plain cool too.
With Baguio’s chilly weather, I was able to use my Headware to keep me warm by wrapping it around my neck. I also like how it perfectly reduced the friction from my camera strap which always gets my nape sore after a full day of shooting.
Depending on your preference, its colorful designs can make for a flamboyant ponytail or a scuunci for girls while its simpler designs are perfect for long-haired rocker dudes (you can even do an Axl Rose on this one hehe). Using it as a balaclava and headscarf is also quite easy; just slip it on, adjust it a bit and it’s an instant ninja headscarf.

Being always out on the sun, I love wearing my Headware as a dustmask with my hat. Aside from its obvious use as a pollutant deflector, it also keeps my head cool from the sun. The fabric being stretchable and breathable makes it a comfort to wear all day.
Another thing I like about this product is how easy it was to clean. I have zero knowledge on washing clothes, but washing it was a piece of cake. And more wonders, it dries off quickly too.
After a week of walking around in Baguio, I am now convinced why every traveler should have a Headware. Aside from its super flexibility; it can transform from a simple headband to a tube top and skirt for girls, it also doesn’t fly off like your regular bandana when encountering strong wind.

Headwares cost from Php240.00 to Php425.00 depending on its design; with its functionality and quality I have to say that it is well worth its price.


    The Headware
    How to Wear your Headware

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  1. my sister gave me something like this last year and i haven't use it yet. hehe! IDE is the brand. it so surprising that there are 7 ways to use this. =)

  2. astig talaga to. at a very affordable price it will for sure be a hit to travelers.

  3. I love HeadWare. It's such a useful product. I want to collect all of the Marvel designs :) 4 pa lang meron ako.

  4. I brought 3 of my 4 Headware collections on my SEA trip and super useful talaga nila! Headware rocks! :)

  5. love MY headware! thanks a hehe.

  6. I'll be adding to my travel kit.:)

  7. If I were sent some samples, I would wear it too haha. It costs cheaper here than in Europe. I remember seeing something like that in Belgium, and I thought if I wanted one, I'd rather buy one here.

  8. damn! why does it have to be based in baguio! would love this buy one of these.


    Plan ko din magsulat about it pero di pa ako nakakapag-photoshoot. Lol.

  10. Thanks for the post Christian! =) We are happy to see that the community of happy heads is growing. Marjorie, our products are available all over the Philippines, here's the list of our retail partners:

    We're also in the works to make our products easier to buy online so wait for our announcement. =)

  11. Michi
    More than 7 ways michi :)

    Dong Ho
    Yung mga non-Marvel series, affordable nga :)

    Apat pa lang? Lang? haha adik ka :)

    I agree Doi! Fave travel accessory ko na to hehe

    Blog mo rin! :)

    Light and perfect for any travels :)

    PM mo sina Headware Aleah, I'm sure they'd be willing to send you some :)

    You can buy these everywhere Marj :)

    Haha sa Davao trip nyo Rob

    The Headware
    Thanks for the Headware! Love your product! :)

  12. i use headwear, too :) so useful during shoots outdoor :)

  13. I have one din. Very useful para di ako sumuka :D Haha

  14. sige bilang nagmudel ka bibili nako nito! :D

  15. Gladys
    Perfect for photographers diba :)

    Para di sumuka? Haha bakit? Pano?

    Haha mura lang naman yan eh :P

  16. Christian, di ka pala nasold out pa nun? kelangan inayos ko pa yung sales pitch ko. lol!

  17. Ed
    Haha sorry di eh, namamahalab kasi ako nun eh haha