PUBLISHED | Lonely Planet’s 10 Reasons to Love Intramuros

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Every travel photographer I’m sure has dreams of being published at the National Geographic or Lonely Planet; dreams of grandeur that I am admittedly guilty of too. And reality says that to grace the pages of such magazines would remain to be only such, grand illusions of an idle mind.

This month, my dream turned to reality as the two-day DPP-KLM sponsored Intramuros Shootout culminated in a full article at the one of the most popular travel magazines around, Lonely Planet.
Ann Francisco, Dan Pagulayan, Ela Paje, Joel H. Garcia, Joseph Leh, and yours truly; the final six survivors of the On Assignment: Europe competition worked like dogs under problematic weather for the two-day photo shoot to create a mock article for the Lonely Planet (the behind-the-scenes of which was also published in Digital Photographer Philippines #41). With the theme 10 Reasons to Love Intramuros, our work has been the basis for the write-up with our actual photos supplying the visuals. 

The shoot may be terribly taxing, the research time consuming and the final article a test in combining good visual storytelling, wordplay and historical accuracy; but to see a full spread of my photograph in the magazine, it was so well worth it.

My photos inside Lonely Planet, checked!

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  1. Di matapos ang awarding dito sa blog na ito ah.. Must read mag! Oops, there's Coron too. Two thumbs up sayo kuya! Congrats po..

  2. Congratulations! :) I wish I could get this checked too! :D

  3. Wow! Congrats. When is it coming out? Would love to get a copy. ^.^

  4. woohoo! congrats! excellent work! -as usual :)

  5. Congratulations Christian! :) Intramuros is one of the places in Manila which I feel we Manilenos/Filipinos in general have overlooked and failed to really appreciate--whether for travel or in photography. Thanks for inspiring me to include Intramuros in my travel/photography checklist :)

  6. your photos are simply amazing. i saw your exhibit here in rcbc plaza last december and the photos are well captured. congratulations! :)

  7. Congrats Christian! I can only dream to be as good as you hehe!

  8. so proud of this and yes, for me Christian, it still remains an elusive dream of sort. congrats bro.

  9. darn! u are sooo famous na tlga! pa-autograph! haha congrats Christian! well-deserved! stay humble! :)

  10. Romz, Jovial Wanderer, Supertikoy, Pinay Travel Junkie, Tin, MarLiesTravels, shattered shutter, Ding, Gladys
    Thanks! Sinuwerte lang talaga! :)

    Di naman, nagkataon lang Mitch :)
    And the Coron article's good too!

    Salamat! Available sya at all leading bookstores :)

    Yup out na po, salamat! :)

    The Sunset Goddess
    I totally agree, ang ganda pa rin talaga ng Intramuros

    Thanks Vin! Hope you enjoyed the photo exhibit!

    Edmar Gu-Quibb
    Haha no problem :)

    Thanks! aral aral lang online pre :)

    Journeys and Travels
    Kaya mo rin yan for sure! :)

    Gagi! Ikaw ang sikat jan! :P

  11. Hope you can share your photography concepts sir in every photos you post.... love all your write ups and the photos most specially =)....

  12. Anonymous
    I actually made a new site specifically for photography; included are the settings and my thoughts about the photo. Check it out: