PUBLISHED | DPP Intramuros Shootout

Monday, January 16, 2012

Last year’s hectic photo shootout at Intramuros for the coveted seven-day trip to Holland has finally been published in the country’s premier photography magazine.

The article entitled 10 Reasons to Love About Intramuros, which would appear for the Lonely Planet Philippines, took place for two days of scorching sun and drizzly weather last September. The final six photographers; Ann Francisco, Dan Pagulayan, Ela Paje, Joel H. Garcia, Joseph Leh, and yours truly roamed the old walls to convince the judges that we were the one fit for the assignment.
The technicalities, hardships and behind the scenes of shooting the walled city has been relived through Digital Photographer Philippines Issue 41. Tips from the six finalists are also all over the article for those planning to shot inside Intramuros. The magazine is available on most newsstands; do pick up a copy if you chance upon one. High five

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  1. Hanep naman, congrats! I've bookmarked your Holland posts nga pala. Will be there twice, in Feb and April, para makita ko yung tulips. Dami mong posts! I wish I can be as prolific hehe

  2. this is oh so inspiring.
    hoping for a copy of this mag,
    well I guess I'll grab one.

  3. naks! hindi lang sa blogging sikat. Lumelevel up ka na talaga idol. lol! Congrats ulit. You deserve it! Happy New year nga pala. Better late than never. hihihi!

  4. Kuya MAX magaling magaling.... CONGRATS

  5. A great start of good things to come this year! Congratulation!

  6. congrats again, avail bato sa digital?

  7. Sige na nga!!!! bili nako!! hahaha!!!
    Idol! :)

  8. wow! you already! hahaha! Galing! Congrats! :D

  9. This is so nice! Congrats sir! :D

  10. Aleah
    Wow swerte naman Holland!
    Abangan mo yung next issue ng Lonely Planet and DPP :)

    Michi, Tina, Sumi
    Thanks po!

    Yodi, Simurgh
    Mabibili po sa mga suking tindahan :)

    Malditang "Kura"cha
    Haha salamat, happy new year din! ;)

    Hehe salamat, na package deal lang yan :P

    Thanks Ian, indeed :)

    Rome Diwa
    Unfortunately walang digital copy ang DPP pre eh

    Shempre ikaw ang nasa behind the scenes nyan :)

  11. Mr. Bourne Legacy!!!!! you're helping DoT a lot!!!