POSTCARDS | The Windmills of Holland

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our first day of real shooting started on a freezing seven in the morning, pretty late for landscape enthusiasts you might think but the sun actually rises at eight in the Netherlands so we’re still good. Our first stop was at the beach that’s just a few minutes’ walk from Hotel Ibis.

The sun came up and everything looked fantastic. It paints everything in a beautiful golden wash and this light seemed to be on the whole day long. It was just amazing.

Later in the afternoon, we checked out the iconic windmills of the Netherlands. Blue sky, green fields, horses and quaint homes; we got the postcard-perfect Holland on our cameras.

* Not really my best photo of the mills, but I hope this suffices for the moment as we’re not allowed to post the really good shots yet ‘til it’s printed in the magazine.

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  1. Base!

    Can't wait for your Holland series, Christian! :D

  2. Good Luck!!
    Take home the best! :0

  3. Glad to see that you've already started getting your hands dirty =) Can't wait to read about your Netherlands trip & see other photos you'll be sharing with us =) Have fun!

  4. oh wow, you've gone overseas? yay! will be waiting for the other pics :)

  5. i remember visiting this place last holland..

    me and my blogs are following you now..
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    Travel Snapshots

  6. huuuwwwwaaawwww!!! windmills!! with matching baka...ay kabayo ata un!! gusto ko yann!!! uwi mo ung isa kuya max!!!

  7. Awesome Holland! Yeah! Can't wait for the best photos!

    World of Vhincci

  8. The Windmills of Holland is an iconic landmark of Netherlands which is what it is known for... just like Great Wall to China and Underground River to our country... I think the Netherlands trip would not be complete without seeing its windmills.

  9. Robbie
    The postcards would probably be it, parang di sya bagay sa blog ko eh haha

    Thanks bro! Will do!

    Thanks! We roamed the streets of The Netherlands non-stop! :)

    Thank you for following my trip sir!

    Just got lucky with a contest, I guess this is a one time thing hehe

    Holland is indeed a lovely country, well especially if it's sunny :P

    May dala ako isang windmill kaso hinarang sa airport eh haha

    Thanks bro! Wait for the next issue of the Lonely Planet magazine pre!

    Yup definitely! Too bad we didn't get to see any tulips too since it was already autumn when we visited.

  10. sarap naman ng travel na ito! belated congratulations!