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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam indeed lives up to its title of being the capital of The Netherlands, there are tons and tons of people in the street. I was a bit intimidated at first to shoot with the throngs of European people moving en masse, but I got on with the flow after a few clicks of the shutter.

We visited canals after canals surrounding the center of the city; Amsterdam is not nicknamed as the Venice of The Netherlands for nothing. I love everything about the city; its postcard perfect architecture, the multitude of bikes, the trains, even the infamous red light district, the restaurants, the quirky stores, the food and most especially the grand canals. All of these make me want to quickly find flights to Amsterdam again, and I’m not even halfway through my vacation.

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  1. Nice capture!! But I think your keeping more! gujab! :)

  2. Woot! Red light district na yan! =))

  3. ganda ng timing the flight of the bird complete with a beautiful background of Amsterdam surroundings.

  4. Michi
    Thanks! Binugaw ko pa talaga para lumipad, ayaw lumipad eh hehe. Di takot sa tao mga ibon dun :P

    Haha salamat! Abang na lang sa Lonely Planet magazine paglabas :)

    Chamba lang sir!

    Haha General Patronage tayo dito sa site eh :P

    Thanks! Nasakto lang talaga :)