METRO MANILA | Mornings at CCP Harbour Square

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I used to frequent the CCP grounds every weekend to shoot and eat years back. It has always been a favorite spot of mine for photography when I was just starting out.

I have however overgrown the spot and had not visited it for quite a while and it took an awarding session for Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk to made me come back to my once imagery playground.

The sky was cobalt blue with fluffy white clouds sitting low below the horizon; sea birds were gliding above seemingly competing with the racing regatta boats below. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I was glad that I brought my cameras just for the occasion.Morning exercisers were all over the brick-paved grounds, gyrating to the latest pop tunes sounds emanating from loud speakers, weekend fisherfolks were right where I left them at the breakwater hoping to catch a bounty from the polluted bay, and all sorts of weekenders were at the promenade walking and sitting along with their kids and pets for a quick break from the hustle of the previous week.
The restaurants, which were starting to fill up with joggers done with their routine were still there; although some had already closed shop some new ones had  already sprouted up replacing the old ones.
The Manila Bay breakwater over at the Cultural Center of the Philippines was exactly the same as I remember it from my previous years’ mini excursions. It was as if I never left.
I leisurely strolled along Manila Bay’s bank and took out my cameras; back to basics for me.

Harbour Square
CCP Complex
Pasay City, Metro Manila

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  1. Ang ganda ng shots! Namiss ko tuloy ang place na yan.

  2. "took out my cameras" naks naman.. you already the photographer. haha.. galing mo tlga idol!

  3. one of the nice place in manila for photo walk.

  4. I miss Harbour Square! Our place is just along Vito Cruz, we usually go there after jogging or for some night out. Good times :)

  5. I like visiting this place early in the morning for leisurely walk. It's less chaotic.

  6. one of my favotite places in manila!

  7. as always, i fell in love with your shots. especially the one with the yachts!

  8. idol! ganda ng mga reflection shots!

  9. I love the morning vibe of CCP. Nakakatuwa po kasi ang lively ng place with all the people especially yung mga nag-eexercise. Great pictures! :) Hope you will enjoy your KLM experience po. Saw the news update on facebook na on the way na po kayo. :)

  10. ..and these scenes are in Pasay City? Wow, it's definitely amazing! I grow accustomed with everyday hassles I never thought you don't need to travel far to see refreshing scenery.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. ayos pala mag photowalk dyan. binigyan mo SILA ng idea. hihihh! At ang galing nakunan mo ang mga nagddragon boat (?) ^_^ Na-appreciate ko ang pasay bigla. Great! Thanks Christian!

  12. i miss this place!

  13. Kim, Yodi
    Beautiful and easily accessible, madaling balik balikan :)

    Thanks ma'am sir!

    Batang Lakwatsero
    Haha ang yabang lang eh no, ang sakit sa balikat magdala ng camerabag :P

    Dong ho
    Yup, especially during the afternoons

    Pinay Travel Junkie
    Sarap nga tumambay jan, I miss the Figaro cafe dati jan, tinanggal na nila eh

    Balik kaya tayo? :)

    Lakwatsera de Primera
    Medyo marami na rin tao ngayun, pero okay pa rin naman

    Sana ayusin din nila yung breakwater sa likod

    Thanks Joan!

    Thank you, madali lang kasi kumuha ng reflection shots jan hehe

    Thanks Karla!

    Malditang "Kura"cha
    Haha oo nga, pag Pasay kasi ang naiisip ko ang kaguluhan ng Baclaran eh :P

    Thanks ma'am!