ROMBLON | Sunrise at the Port of Banton Town

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sunrise at the Coast of Banton Island

My first day in Romblon started at five in the morning. Three hours of sleep wasn’t really enough to reenergize my body after the grueling fifteen-hour trip of the previous day, but I wasn’t about to pass the opportunity to shoot the sunrise off Banton Town’s boulder-rich boulevard.

Banton Town, or more properly known as Poblacion, is the center of trade in small island of Banton in Romblon. The first thing that I saw, alighting from our boat the night before, was its moonlit seaside boulevard.

Banton Port SunriseSubatan Lane, as the locals named it, is sort of like a smaller version of Manila’s Baywalk, only cleaner (in fact, much, much cleaner). Starting from the Banton Port, it meanders along the east side of the island, passing the municipal hall, the Bangar Treehouse and ends at Point Matagar which comprises of towering rock formations that Bantoanons consider as their natural lighthouse. Some meters from the jagged rock formations is an actual white tower that overlooks the town.

The boulevard is lined with huge trees with concrete benches scattered along its length. A few steps below the avenue is the rocky shore of Poblacion. And this was where my interest held fast.

Moss-Covered Boulders at Poblacion, BantonThe area is a landscape photographer’s haven. It was littered with huge boulders topped by thick vivid green moss. It looked slippery, and is superlatively slippery. I was having a hard time moving from one place to the next, scouting for a place to set my tripod.

It would have all been perfect, except that the clouds have other things on their mind that day. It was a bit thick and the sun was having difficulty getting through. It was a muffled sunrise, but I made do with what light was given. Mornings at Banton, RomblonI felt the first blast of full sunshine as I was walking along the Subatan Lane on the way to Point Matagar. Typical of a fishing village, I passed docked wooden boats, nets whisked on the gravelly shores, and a group of fisher folks lounging about.

The sun was in full blast as I started climbing the tower at the north end of the coast. Even with little sleep and no breakfast yet, I felt energized. This was going to be a one heck of a trip. I just know it.

Serene Morning at Banton, Romblon Banton Port, Romblon
Serene Morning at Banton, Romblon


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Banton Island, Rombon
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  1. Been here in 2007 I think, to do project dev for rainwater catchment units. Came from Corcuera, and the waves were just too high! As in muntik na ako...(you know what I mean). I left my P&S cam (pa noon) in Corcuera then kasi sobrang sama ng panahon.

    Were you able to shoot the fort? I forgot what its name is. Pero maganda ang lugar. Historic, right?

  2. We have a summer house here, but we seldom visit. I miss this place!

    Chic Manila Mom

  3. Amazing photos! I wana see those moss-covered boulders in real life!

  4. I went to Romblon in 2002, that was like eons ago! It is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. I wish I could go back there someday. Nice photos!

  5. wow! Even if the clouds are not that cooperative, the photos are still amazing! :D

    Ganda ng rocks coated with moss! I wanna see one din :D

  6. Your photos always make me want to drop work and leave ASAP. Buti na lang I never really get to do it. Haha. I want to see everything in this blog ng in person! :)

  7. May araw kadin sa akin Romblon, thanks for posting great articles about the place.. Tagal ko na plans magpunta never nagmaterialize...Happy blogging

  8. your photo are great. i wanna learn your style :) I'll try to visit Romblon in 2 or 3 years from now..

  9. ang ganda nga nung mga moss-covered boulders! gusto ko yan makita sa personal :>

  10. The first and last picture is so imposing, I mean standout again. Nice and wonderfully capture of Port of Banton, Romblon.

  11. Beautiful pictures of beautiful views. I'm so interested to visit Romblon someday. It's not way far from Cebu. I hope to go perhaps this year. Great adventure you had. Thanks for sharing :-)

  12. ang ganda nga! great photos too!

  13. Ding
    Ay di ko napicturan yung fort eh, pero nakita ko sya =P
    Nung nagpunta ako sobra kalmado ang dagat buti na lang

    Kimberley Reyes
    Wow a true blue Bantoanian! =]

    Robbie, Tina, Lestat
    Thanks guys! Those boulders are amazing!!

    June 30, 2011 9:15 AM
    I went to Romblon in 2002, that was like eons ago! It is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. I wish I could go back there someday. Nice photos!

    Haha why not drop everything and just go? =P
    If only we were that rich no? haha

    Nonoy, Chino, Batang Lakwatsero
    Thanks! I barely scratched Romblon's surface, isang maliit na islang lang ang napuntahan ko =]

    Happysole, Ian
    Thanks Ian, its easy to take a beautiful photo when you have beautiful subject already.

  14. Love the photos! Madali akong ma-fascinate sa mga pictures lalo na if it has something to do with sunrise and sunsets. :D

  15. Sayang, di mo na-picturan. I is historic. It was the last frontier against sea pirates and became a garrison during the Japanese war yata, or during Spanish era pa, against Americans.

  16. shokcs Christian amazing shots! especially love the 3rd, 4th and last pic. another great discovery! thanks for sharing1 i hope to visit Romblon 1 day

  17. Micamyx
    Sunrise and sunsets talaga ang pinaka aabangan ng lahat ng mahilig magcamera diba? =]

    Oo nga eh, kaya pala parang may nakita ako kanyon. Kaso nagmamadali na kasi ako bumalik kasi gutum na ko at naliligaw na ko haha

    Thanks, mukhang mag e enjoy ka sa Romblon. Abangan ko post mo =]

  18. I really love that place. 'Cause that's my hometown..Much more amazing places, like caves....

  19. you have to visit our place so nice talaga...proud to be a BANTOANON!

  20. hi i'm very happy to get another glimpse of my hometown from your documentary, as i read your description of my island para kang isang Bantoanon, (but probably not) thanks anyway, great job!

  21. I love the photos taken from my Hometown, last time I visited was in 2008. Very small but terrible. Most people are highly educated, Professionally dignified and Loving people.

  22. Anonymous 1, Paradaw, Anonymous 2 and Anonymous 3
    Thanks for visiting! Banton is really a beautiful place!

    It seems you guys are all Bantoanons, curious lang ako parang biglang ang daming Bantoanons na bumibisita sa site ko bigla :)

  23. HI Christian, sorry I have to comment as anonymous as you may refer to #3, I tried to select a profile account but wont accept it. Lots of my Kababayans, Bantoanon's posted your documentary on Facebook, all of your photos taken are beautiful. I thank you so much for spending time to visit our small hometown. Rochelle Musico Tunac here, Oakley, CA.

  24. thanks for this blog..reminding us how beautiful BANTOON is and give us more reasons to be proud as Bantoanon..

    I hope we can host your travel again..

    maramong salamat!!!!!!!
    ruaw ray kamo!!!!

  25. Don't be surprise if madaming Bantoanons ang ngcomments at magcocoments for this blog because we Bantoanons we really appreciates this kind of blog.

    that's small town is quite amazing!!!

  26. sobrabg nakkaoverwhelm ang mga descriptions u about Banton... thank ypu very much...

    balik ka kasi marami ka pang nakalimutang puntahan.....

  27. Rochelle
    Hi Rochelle, thanks for posting back. To post under your name, just select the Name/URL choice, put your name in and just put any web address on the URL part (you may just copy the URL of the article itself to make it easier). :)

    Sayang Faith, babalik sana ako sa Banton today, unfortunately na cancel yung trip namin. Have to wait for next year again. :(

    Thank you sir :)

    No problem sir, next time ulit :)