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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Starbucks at Baguio's Camp John Hay

Call us overly commercialized consumers, but we’ll never let a visit to Baguio City pass without having our caffeine fix at the McDonald’s of coffeehouses, Starbucks Coffee.  [Check out my previous Starbucks Camp John Hay post]

But make no mistake, the Starbucks branch at Camp John Hay is far from the usual ones we see in the metro. Nestled against soaring pine trees, it is housed in a light-green clapboard bungalow Starbucks Camp John Hay Porch Areareminiscent of the quaint American houses that probably once populated this camp.

The familiar coziness of Starbucks’ coffee houses presents itself as one passes through its doors. One can almost feel the strong coffee smell mingling with stories being passed around by friends lounging on the café’s comfy sofas. Now if only the fireplace in the middle of the room was lit, it would have been perfect.

There is absolutely no need for airconditioning here and Baguio City’s eternally cool weather compliments one’s simmering coffee completely.

Our favorite spot is at the porch. From here, one can see the pines in all their glory, hear the caws of the shiny black crows clearly, and watch the ant-like golfers walking off the lush greens of the golf courses far off the horizon.

I’m not sure how late this café closes but I imagine it would be wonderful to have coffee here after sundown. Now, I just had my next Baguio goal; on our next visit I will personally find out how good it would be to sip coffee as the city’s sky darken to starlight.

Starbucks Coffee at Camp John Hay Inside Starbucks Camp John Hay
Iced Coffee for Cold Weather at Starbucks Camp John Hay Starbuck Coffee Sign Leads the Way at Camp John Hay


Starbucks Coffee Camp John Hay
Address: Cottage 661 Camp John Hay, Baguio City
Contact Number: (074) 446-4933
Store Hours: 8:00 AM to 10:30 PM

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  1. Sabi nila bawal daw mag take ng pictures sa loob ng establishment nato.:-).

  2. Bonzenti
    Di naman bawal, ang bawal lang picturan yung mug rack and yung food counter, pero everything else pwede =)

  3. Fatz
    We do too, I just wish they'd fire up the fireplace once in a while :)