BENGUET | Lost Inside Camp John Hay’s Golf Course in Baguio City

Friday, June 10, 2011

Inside Camp John Hay's Golf Course

The original plan after completing the Eco Trail at Camp John Hay was to have coffee. The only problem was we were on the wrong side of the trail. Having started the trek inside the camp, we emerged near the outside gates of John Hay near The Forest House.

On our left was the gate leading outside and on our right was another road that leads further in. I’m actually unsure where this road leads, but I have an inkling that this would eventually lead us to the area near Starbucks at Camp John Hay.

We decided to check it out.

  The Old Sheridan Drive at Camp John Hay
My iPhone’s GPS was conking out when I tried estimating where we were on the map. There was only one road and it does not seem branch off anywhere, so we followed that road. 
A few minutes further into the asphalted path and the expanse of Camp John Hay’s golf course started surrounding us. We went onwards, unsure deep inside, if we were allowed to pass through this area. There was no one here but the sloping grasslands, the towering pine tress, the still ponds, the whistling wind, and us. It was totally desolate and it was kind of creeping me out. A small sign indicating that this is the Old Sheridan Drive was the only clue as to where we were.
Our Walk Through Camp John Hay's Golf Course.  Click to View in Google Maps
The winding road seemed to go on and on, open wide on some areas and enclosed by small pine trees on others. It eventually narrowed down to a mere pathway as we saw a huge wooden structure looming on the horizon. We can see people moving about at last. The walk through the golf course took fifteen minutes, but it felt longer.

As we neared the clubhouse, we finally saw a sign that confirmed our suspicions all along; non-golfers are not allowed through the golf course! Oh well, we’re now on the other side of the course and we didn’t see any sign on the way that the Old Sheridan Drive was off limits.

It was an interesting walk, to say the least. Crossing Camp John Hay’s exclusive golf course gave us a glimpse into Baguio’s Jack Niclaus-designed elite playground, a unique Baguio City experience for non-golfers like us.

Pines on Both Sides at Camp John Hay's Golf Course Green Fields at Camp John Hay's Golf CourseThe Club House at Camp John Hay's Golf Course Opulent Village Near Camp John Hay's Golf Course

  Camp John Golf Course

  Address: Camp John Hay, Baguio City 
Baguio 2011 Series

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  1. Buti nakauwi naman kayo ng ligtas Christian.. :)
    Ganda ng mga shots mo... :)

  2. Tripper10
    Haha di naman kami tinamaan ng golf balls sa awa ng Dyos =P

  3. Hahaha... Buti nalang, kung hindi kawawa yung golf balls.. (Peace)

    Yun bang Blue sa Map ang nilakad nyo? ang haba naman...