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Monday, June 13, 2011

Starbucks Global Icon City Mug Baguio

This is the mug that started it all, Baguio City was my very first Starbucks Global Icon City Mug.

I first saw this at Camp John Hay’s Starbucks branch some years back but hesitated in buying it. I was torn; it looked so nice but I have too many coffee mugs already and at Php425.00, its hefty price tag was not helping at all too.
Underside of Starbucks Coffee Collector Series Baguio
I definitely know that once I bought this, the collector completist in me would surely emerge and I would have no choice but to buy each Starbucks Global Icon mugs in the country.

I let it rest for a while, thinking I’d decide after having coffee. Well, it turned out that there’s no need to, L decided it for me by secretly purchasing it and giving it to me as a gift. And so starts my quest to complete the Global City Mugs in the Philippines, thanks L!

The mug depicts what Baguio is most known for besides its cool weather, its flowers. Baguio celebrates this every February via their month-long Panagbenga Festival (which I have yet to attend, by the way). A fully bloomed sunflower graces the mug’s frontside, while pine trees stands tall at the back part. Of the eleven Starbucks mugs in the Philippines, this is the only one (as of this writing) to sport a dark green hue.

Starbucks Baguio Mug Pine Trees at the back of Starbucks Mug Baguio


Starbucks Coffee Camp John Hay
Address: Cottage 661 Camp John Hay, Baguio City
Contact Number: (074) 446-4933
Store Hours: 8:00 AM to 10:30 PM

Baguio 2011 Series

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  1. hello there! :) thanks for following my blog and bearing with my pains..
    I appreciate it!

  2. GalitAko
    Haha no problem, minsan galit din kasi ako eh =P

    Lestat, Tripper10
    Indeed hehe

  3. Pre. meron na starbucks sa CDO City. Pano mo makolekta yon? hehehe.

    1. Naka
      Collect ka na ba ng CDO mug? Meron ako! Kaso gusto ko trade sana...

  4. Bonzenti
    Yung Starbucks Mug siguro next year pa ko makakabili nun, puno na sked ko this year eh, di na maisingit CDO ehehe

  5. as always, ang galing ng pix... keep it up! :)

  6. Lahat po ba ng StarBucks may ganyan?

    Sencya na Christian kung matanong ako... (Peace)

  7. Tripper10
    Nope hindi lahat, the Philippines has 11 global icon mugs lang =P

  8. Good day! In case you’re interested, I am selling the cheapest mugs and tumblers from Starbucks Korea and Malaysia

    Do check out my sulit ad!


  9. Ah ganon po ba? Thanks po sa info... :)

  10. Jegs
    Thanks! Pero I'm only collecting those places that I've been to muna :)

    No prob :)

    Have one na po :)