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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Entrance to Bag of Beans' Bakeshop

Bag of Beans is usually the first place we drop by to whenever we visit Tagaytay. We board a bus from Manila, wait out the comfy two-hour ride, alight at the road with the restaurant’s old signboard (right before going to Caleruega) and follow the mysteriousNooks at Bag of Beans Tagaytay steps that lead down to the al fresco café area.

Although known for their Alamid Coffee, which is made from the coffee seed droppings (yes, as in poop) of an Alamid cat, we really haven’t tried their version of that very expensive coffee yet. What we usually come here for is their breakfast, and more importantly their jungle-like garden ambience.

The place used to be small and intimate; gravel floorings outside, lots of private nooks, rough wood furniture and overgrown plants everywhere; it’s like we’ve gotten lost, when in reality, we’re just inside the courtyard. Inside their airy hut-like resto, not unlike your gramma’s old house, magazines, knickknacks, old furniture and what-nots abound.

It’s been more than a year since we dropped by the place and as we went down the familiar stones steps, it was   apparent that changes The Expansive New Wing at Bag of Beans Tagaytayhad taken place while we were away.

The gravel floor, which I so love before, had been paved with concrete tiles; the overgrown plants, trimmed down; the nooks, cleaned out (and some of them are now paid-only area, like your order has to reach a certain amount before you can occupy it); and the place enlarged. The intimate ambience that makes us come back again and again was gone. It seemed the place’s magic got sweeped out along with the clutter and even their talking bird that imitates a cat’s meow seemed silenced by the new surroundings.

A new wing was added on the far side of the café (available only during weekends) and so’s a new veranda that can be accessed on the ground level bakery. In fairness, they both looked nice, but it seemed to commercialize the place too much.

Changes had been made and I guess one cannot help but grow up. I just hope that through time, the old clutter that makes Bag of Beans so wonderful grows right back to this wonderful outdoor café that we dearly loved before.

The New Veranda at Bag of Beans Tagaytay Comfy Benches at Bag of Beans Tagaytay
The Same Warm Colors at Bag of Beans Tagaytay
Al Fresco Area at Bag of Beans Tagaytay The Bakeshop at Bag of Beans Tagaytay
Bag of Beans Coffee

We of course visited Bag of Beans for the food. We have a long day ahead and we needed all them carbs for all the walking we’d be doing that day.

We ordered the usual bread combo that we’ve been having ever since we discovered this place some years ago; a loaf of Braided Bread (Php85.00), Bacon Strips (Php95.00), two pieces of eggs (Php50.00) and Hot Chocolate (Php105.00). Php335.00 for two persons, not bad at all.Bag of Beans' Braided BreadThe loaf was soft as a cloud and has a slight buttery taste, perfect for the crispy bacon strips and sunny side up eggs. The hot chocolate was so thick, rich and delicious that you’d agree with the resto’s not-so-large serving size. Too much of this may be bad for your health, hehe.

Our friends ordered Bacon & Eggs with Toast (Php175.00), Cheese Omelette with Two Buttermilk Pancakes (Php160.00), Sausage & Egg with Toast (Php175.00) and Lasagna (Php195.00). I was unable to try out their dishes since serving size was not that big (they ordered from the kid’s menu since they’re cheaper) and the price, expensive.

Bag of Beans' Bacons, Pancakes, Sausage and LasagnaFor bread lovers, the bakery on the ground level would definitely whet your appetite. Baked deliciousness wafts out of the door as you open them; and inside, breads, cakes and cookies of all kinds entices every visitors to taste them.

While Bag of Beans’ serving is on the small size, the dish’s flavors do make up for it (so does the place’s ambience). Ordering at the Bag of Beans can really put a dent on your wallet, so prepare a budget of at least P250.00 per person if you plan to visit the place.

Bag of Beans' Sinfully Rich Hot Choco

Bag of Beans

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Bag of Beans Tagaytay
Address: 115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City, Cavite
Contact Number: (0922) 881-8265 | (046) 413-4356 | (046) 413-2724
Facebook Page: Click Here

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  1. as always ang ganda ng pictures :)

    hahaha, paturo ako :)

  2. me too, i prefer the old BoB better.

  3. nakapunta na ko d2! I love their deserts! nice tones bro!

  4. Pinkc00kies
    Good food but a bit expensive hehe

    Thanks hehe, tanong ka lang and subukan ko sagutin ang iyong mga katanungan

    Me too! =P

    Thanks pre! Di ko pa na-try desserts nila, busog kasi lagi after ng orders namin di na makapag dessert hehe

  5. what time do they open? planning to go next month. thanks!

  6. Pizzalicious
    Hmm am not really sure, but the earliest we've been there is around 7am if I recall correctly. Better ring them up to be sure. =]

  7. Ok lang na 7am. Magbe-breakfast hopping lang kami ng kids and Mom before our flight to PPC at mid- afternoon. We also want to check out Mushroom Burger but it opens quite late at 10AM eh. So ok na kami sa Bulalohan and Bag of Beans. :) Thanks for the reply! Lovely captures as always, keep it up!

  8. Pizzalicious
    Thanks! Have a nice trip po! =]

  9. Great food, service and location. But let me save the best for last. Great coffee!

    1. I usually have their hot choco, sige next time try ko rin yung kape nila :)

  10. wow, nagutom ako lalo..

    naiimagine ko yung softness ng bread + the super thick and creamy hot choco.

  11. di ba jan yung most raved about blueberry cheesecake?

    1. Yata? We haven't tried their desserts yet eh hehe, lagi full na after ng main meal =P

  12. i have tried eating here at lunch time, but i didn't find the food we ordered very good... i think it was just fine. maybe we made a wrong choice of food to order... hehe... we'll try those food you mentioned above :)

    1. Haven't really tried Bag of Beans during lunch. Maybe I'll do that next time :)

  13. Bag of Beans is one of our go-to places, but I admit that it's become a bit commercialized as of late. We dropped by last month and the place was really packed. It's still beautiful and the food is still good, but it's not as relaxing anymore because of the crowds.

    1. Hi Patricia, I agree. And they have now opened another branch along the rotunda :)