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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Stone Facade of the San Sebastian Cathedral in Bacolod City

Almost everyone was still in slumber land as I quietly padded down the hotel lobby and went out into the still dark streets of Bacolod. I flagged down the first jeepney that passed my way and was soon speeding down towards the town plaza.

I alighted at the market and crossed the sleeping plaza where school kids practicing for the upcoming Masskara festival were already starting their routine. At the other side of the square stood my query; the oldest church in The Old Bells of the Bacolod CathedralBacolod, the Cathedral of San Sebastian.

Bacolod Cathedral was built in 1825 and was originally made of wood. It went through various transformations; towers and bells added then removed, materials upgraded until it stands as it looked now. With an impressive façade and height, it is now built of coral stones mined from the nearby Guimaras Island and wood imported from Palawan; the masonry works were done by Chinese artisans.

The sun was still quiescent but the sky was already at its blue hour, displaying a deep electric hue as I planted my tripod down and assembled my camera.

I started photographing the archaic stone exterior of the Bacolod Cathedral and worked my way inside its barrel-domed nave. The church was silent and empty except for a few faithful saying their early morning prayers. I moved along through the adobe-lined aisle, my steps echoing past towering white Corinthian columns on my left until I reached the altar.

I was taking a photograph of the retablo when a very old veiled woman started inching her way slowly along the nave through her knees until she reached the altar’s front steps. I was mesmerized by what I saw.

She looked ancient, around eighty or ninety years of age and I could just imagine how hard it was for her to do penitence like that. She kneeled motionlessly, head bowed for some minutes silently uttering a prayer before she crossed herself, moved up and slowly walked out of Bacolod Cathedral.

Having captured her photograph, I think my work is finished here. I followed suit and exited to a brand new Bacolod City morning.

A Penitent Saying a Prayer at the Bacolod Cathedral

The Nave of Bacolod's San Sebastian Cathedral


San Sebastian Cathedral
Address: Rizal Street, Bacolod City
Open Hours: 5:00am to 8:00pm

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  1. love your wide-angle lens, what brand are you using?

  2. yabang no? naka UWA!
    holdapin natin yan! wahahah

    sino ka ba dun sa picture last pyro? pinagtatanong kita ^_^

  3. Pre, you made us rekindled the memories in Bacolod when we went there together with my wife. We took pictures with the bells as our background and also with that carabao in the park, near to the church, overseeing the grandeur structure of DBP Building. I miss Bacolod pre. Bacolod though were first time, we went up Palopandan. Thanks to this post pre. I like your wide angle shot. Ano nga pala brand ng camera mo pre. I am planning to buy one DSLR.

  4. ganda nung sky sa first pic! sakling sakli!

  5. Very nice photos. If i'm going to Bacolod i will definitely visit this church. :)

  6. Tokina 11-16 f2.8 at its best!

  7. Claire and Con Tour Blog
    Using a Nikon D80 with a Tokina 11-16mm =)

    Haha adik! Aling pic? May group hug ba last pyro for the bloggers? Last minute lang kasi yung media pass ko eh. =P

    Kaya gumising talaga ako ng maaga para sa blue hour =)

    Must visit talaga yan =)

    Yeah shempre! =)

  8. i smell the best travel blogger of the year...