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Monday, February 28, 2011

Bacolod's Grand Regal Hotel at Night

Our first night in Bacolod was spent at the Grand Regal Hotel not because we planned to stay there but more to the fact that we were left without a choice after the vans at the airport going to the city have all vanished by the time we went out of the building.
The Lobby at Bacolod's Grand Regal Hotel We were told that the next batch wouldn’t be back ‘til the next scheduled flight from Manila arrived. So it was with good fortune that we saw Grand Regal’s service van parked outside waiting for a passenger. We asked if we can hitch a ride and inquired about their hotel too. Their rates looked good (discounted at Php999.00 for the standard rooms), so were their rooms.

We were sold; free transfer to Bacolod city plus good and affordable accommodations.

The Room at Bacolod's Grand Regal Hotel
We entered their posh lobby less than an hour after leaving the airport. We filled out the necessary paperwork and proceeded to their rooms. Everything looked exactly as advertised on their pamphlets, which was excellent.

The room was sizeable, well furnished and clean. TV was with cable and working well. The lights were perfect too, complete with onboard controls near the bed. Service was very efficient, prompt and courteous.

It was almost perfect except for the view outside the window, which connected directly to a roof deck that any utility man can peep through (which of course nobody did, I was just paranoid) and the existence of a door adjacent to the bed that connects to the next room (the next guest room that is, so if you’re planning any sort of hanky panky, better tone your noise down a little).

The hotel was located at Araneta Avenue, in front of the huge Gaisano mall and some blocks away from Lacson Street. The location was okay but it was always two rides away from where the action was in Bacolod. If not for this, we would have completely stayed here instead of transferring to the easier location of the Bacolod Business Inn along Lacson street.

Tables at the Lobby at Bacolod's Grand Regal Hotel
The Comfy and Spacious Standard Room at Bacolod's Grand Regal Hotel
The Hotel Cafe at Bacolod's Grand Regal Hotel

       Grand Regal Hotel
       Address: Araneta St., Singcang, Bacolod City 
       Contact Number: (034) 708-5888 | (034) 708-5588
       Room Rates: Click Here

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  1. Standard room lang yan? Wow!

    May FB ka? Please add me so I can add you to our group. It's called Pinoy Travel Bloggers. Are you already part of this?

    Sa Mar12, I might watch Pyro again. Hope to see you there! ^_^
    I'll be waiting for your awesome shots. Tingan ko diskarte mo sa "puno na nakaharang".. Hehe (or nasa breakwater area ka pa din)

  2. Chyng
    Yup Standard lang, ang mura at P999.00 diba!?

    Unfortunately, no FB for me hehe. Balik din kami sa Mar12, kaya lang baka sa resto lang kami pumwesto. Balak kasi dinner pyro ih =P

  3. sayang join ka sana sa PTB, iilan na lang kayong actively blogging na walang FB, gagawa na yan ;)(Hope to meet you din sa March 12)

  4. Claire
    Haha feeling ko mauubos oras ko pag nag FB ako eh =P
    Kitakits sa a-dose! =)