Sunday, February 27, 2011

Farewell Rays from Bacolod's BREDCO Port

This was the second time we went to see BREDCO Port and everything was pretty much the same as it was during our first Bacolod City visit.

The area was still littered and was as dingy as ever. It would have felt dangerous too, especially for camera wielding people if not for the presence of the many visitors sitting by and strolling about the shore. I still wish the local government would do something about this place.

In spite of everything, what still drew me to this place are the magnificent sunsets the harbor offers. The dark, shell-encrusted boulders along the shores provide excellent foregrounds to the sky that fire up during dusk. The last time I photographed the sun setting at these waters, I was just awestruck with its splendor.

Gloomy Sunset at Bacolod's BREDCO PortIt was with much disappointment then that this time around, we weren’t able to experience dusk as grand as last year’s; the sky was brooding and the sun was unable to pierce through a cloud layer that blocked its grand exit.

It did managed to wave a final farewell by sending forth a burst of god-rays before finally disappearing off the horizon.

We were disappointed, yes; but this was just our first day in Bacolod anyways; we’ve got three more sunsets to go.

No Sunset at Bacolod's BREDCO Port

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  1. love the last shot, you made the place look worth visiting despite its present condition. Looking forward for more Bacolod series :)

  2. I think I was able to drop by this place when we came from Iloilo -- not too sure as that was 11 years ago already. I remember though that the water was black and it wasn't inviting. But the photo really made it look great. Yan ang gusto kong ma-achieve nung nag Anawangin-Nagsasa trip kami. kaso the water was too calm. hehe

  3. Claire
    Thanks Claire, the wonder of long exposures hehe

    Not really inviting, though not a few locals were swimming on it when we arrived. I think the dark sand made the water look black, not really because it was dirty (well it was dirty but really not that dirty).