PALAWAN | Morning Farewells at Coron

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Serene Morning at Coron

The morning of our last day in Coron found me walking through town once again. My feet led me through its steep streetways, passing sleeping houses and waking dogs. A few minutes past and the breeze of the The Cross at Mt. Tapyassea greeted me as I wandered through the brick paved plaza right by the docks.
The sun had just risen and everything looked golden; the scent of a good morning was into every fiber of the small town.

The grass was mildewy and the sea calm. People were already up and about; workers and fishermen hauling cargos from trucks and boats, buses idly waiting for passengers to fill up its empty seats, the carenderias filled with people digging into their favorite silogs, joggers doing their daily rounds and early risers basically just enjoying the fine weather and the scenic view of the nearby Higantes Island.

I checked the market for stalls selling cheap cups of coffee and found one near the docks. It was populated mostly by boatmen having their morning fix before taking off seawards.

I paid for my fifteen-peso coffee and took it with me to the plaza. I wanted to enjoy my still steaming brew right beside the sea, let its aroma mix with the morning wind as I watch people, lone motorbikes and wooden boats pass me by.

With our last few hours in town ticking, I watched and savor as the sleepy town of Coron slowly wake up.

Motorbiking Against the Higantes Island La Sirenetta Restaurant Lighted by the Morning SunPanorama Coron

Boats Docked Near Coron Market Morning Glow at Coron


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  1. heart coron :>

    i will definitely come back.

  2. I liked your shots pre. Very nice shots. I am a newbie in photography and I really loved to see photos like this. Nice post also. Comprehensive travel guide.:-). Pre nilagay na kita sa blogger list ko. pasama na man sa akin, CON TOUR BLOG | A Philippine Photo-Travel-Blog.

  3. What a great series! very detailed and coverage mo ng Coron, what's next ? :)

  4. hi christian,
    gara ng mga coron photos mu. napaka extensive ng coron as blog material noh', napagod na nga ako mag post ng coron pero dami ko pa materials.

    Ascertain Bliss

  5. Lestat
    Kelan kaya? =]

    Thanks pre for the nice words and the add up. Followed you too man! =]

    Post ko lang Coron Summary then food tripping Bacolod naman =P

    Haha you said it, ako talagang inisa isa ko haha, inabot ng 24 posts lahat! =o

  6. hi you have very nice photos.... what lens do you use???

  7. Anonymous
    Thanks! Tokina 11-16mm lens for the wide shots and Nikkor 16-85mm for the tele shots =)

  8. very nice blogs and photos. i shared your blogs to my fb account. i hope you don't mind. keep it up. one day i would like to invite you to our out-of-town activities together with lakwatsera de primera. :)

  9. Eric
    No problem bro, let me know pag may lakad. =)