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Monday, February 14, 2011

Coron Village Lodge's Bar Area

For our last night at Coron, we decided to try out the restaurant right across Darayonan where we had dinner the night before. This would be the yardstick as to where we’ll be staying the next time we visit Coron and we’re hoping Coron Village Lodge’s bistro does not disappoint.
Pork Chop at Coron Village Lodge
We were impressed upon entry; the place looked warm and cozy even with more than half of the tables occupied. Its wooden interior was warmly lighted and knickknacks populate every corner of the place. Tables were made of plain dark-stained wood and perfectly partnered with black metal chairs.

There were no air-conditioning, but it was fine really as the place was cool enough with generous windows cross-ventilating the area. I particularly liked the bamboo window slats at the front of the resto; aesthetically pleasing and yet very Ginataang Sitaw at Kalabasa at Coron Village Lodgeeffective in keeping the place from warming up.

Now to the food; their menu runs the gamut of traditional Filipino dishes, grilled and sizzling meats, veggies and salads, a few pasta dishes and sandwiches. Drinks range from the usual sodas to shakes and to alcoholic beverages.

We ordered Lechon Kawali (Deep Fried Pork Belly with Liver Sauce) at Php180.00, Fried chicken (Php130.00) and Ginataang Sitaw at Kalabasa (String Beans & Squash in Coconut Milk) which is good for two at Php150.00.  
Serving Fried Chicken at Coron Village Lodgetime took longer than usual, good thing the place really looked good on camera and I was too busy shooting that I didn’t really notice it.

The prices were a bit higher than the average eating places in Coron but once our orders arrived, it was evident why.

The serving size and more importantly, the taste of their food, definitely matched their prices; we didn’t feel shortchanged at all. Their Ginataang Sitaw and Kalabasa’s slightly sweet and tangy flavor was just perfect with our crispy Lechon Kawali and Fried Chicken. Really tasty dishes from this resto.

We took our time savoring our dinner and unfortunately wasn’t able to check the lodge itself.

Final verdict, I guess we’d be staying at Darayonan and would be eating at Coron Village Lodge Bar & Resto next time we’re in town again.

A Bob Marley Wall at Coron Village Lodge The Nook Overlooking the Lodge at Coron Village LodgeCozy Dining Hall at Coron Village LodgeTravel Trinkets Collected by the Coron Village Lodge Owner Over the Years

  Coron Village Lodge
  Contact Number: (632) 805-3414
  Mobile: (0918) 920-1517 | (0908) 882-5178 | (0928) 202-0819 | (0916) 420-0252
  Website: Click Here 
  Menu: Click Here

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  1. Food ang remarkable sa Village Lodge, We availed of a package tour with my friends here after my 2-day DIY trip at Coron, this was where we ate for 3 days, not cheap, not expensive, I would say reasonably priced for its quality, pinag-crave mo ako bigla ng lechon kawali!

  2. I just ate here last night, had my Sizzling Tuna and it was the best! :D

  3. They serve yummy bulalo, you should have tried that! :)

    Food there is way better than Darayonan's, no?

  4. the place has bohemian vibe to it, iloveit.

  5. Claire
    Panalo diba? =)

    Will try that next time we visit Coron hehe

    Way way way better bro talaga =P

    You said it, funky yet cozy =)