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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bulog Dos Sandbar to Malaroyroy Island

It was almost four in the afternoon as we alighted from our outrigger boat into the creamy sands of Bulog Dos Island. As the cliché goes, time definitely flies by when you’re having so much fun. 
The Lone Hut at Bulog DosThis was the smallest of the three islands we visited that day, but I liked it the most among the three. Being 1/8th the size of Banana Island, it can be explored in less than thirty minutes.

I’m not sure if visitors can stay overnight here, but there is a lone hut on the island which looked decent enough for an overnighter.

The sand was fine and creamy, the water A Starfish on a Rock at Bulog Dos, Coroncrystal clear, much like those found in Malcapuya and Banana Island. Craggy rock formations appear on the island’s northern location and hits both the golden sunrise and sunset hours, good news for landscape photographers.

Off the southern side, a sandbar appears during low tide and connects Bulog Dos to the larger Malaroyroy Island. Our visit chanced upon the ebbing tide and we were able to cross to the nearby island, pretty cool really.

Underwater, I’d still stick to Banana Island as the seabed here has mostly sea grasses. It does get more interesting as you wade further, but you have to go pretty far before you get something good.

But what really endeared me to this island though is its coziness. Its size is just enough for a group of friends or maybe a couple wanting to have some overnight solitude over Coron.

I’d say, let the tides move up and disconnect the island; accede to the sun moving down and allow the moon and the stars to rise and be thy lights; this could be the perfect island getaway everyone’s been dreaming about.

The Sandbar as Seen During Low Tide at Coron's Bulog Dos A Sweeping View of Bulog Dos The Rocky Northern Part of Bulog Dos Island in Coron Starfish on Bulog Dos' Creamy Sand

  Malcapuya | Banana | Bulog Island Tour
  Recommended Boatman: Avel Arevalo | (0939) 815-0044
  Php3,500.00 2-4 persons / Php 4,500.00 6-8 persons whole day boat rental fee

  Bulog Dos Island Entrance Fee
  Php100.00 / person

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  1. great find, this is the first time I have heard about Bulog Dos in Coron, very picturesque as well :)

  2. Claire
    Thanks for dropping by Claire, siguro nadaan kayo jan on the way to Malaroyroy =)

  3. Baka nga isa sya sa mga islands na nadaanan namin, di lang sinabi ni manong :)

  4. Claire
    I also would not know this island's name kung di ko pa ni-research, di ko natanong si bossing boatman eh, excited ata ako masyado lumangoy haha