PALAWAN | Busuanga Grassland Close-Ups

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wild Flowers at Busuanga, Palawan

Our flight back to Manila was delayed for more than an hour and we’re stuck at Busuanga’s small airport. We already had coffee at the nearby eatery and checked the souvenir stores along the terminal; we’ve ran out of things to do.

It seemed a waste to just sit there and do nothing, so I decided to check out the grassland in front of the airport with my camera instead. It was almost noontime and it was a scorcher outside; I put on my hat and arm warmers and braved the heat of the sun.

A goldmine of close-up photographs awaited me at the sprawling field; all sorts of grasses, wildflowers and creepy crawlers lurk beneath the sea of greens; you’d however have to hunker down and take a closer look; God is in the details as the great German Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe used to say. Macro photography enthusiasts would have a field day at this grassland.

Having no real macro lens, I made do with what I have (sorry no real close-ups of bugs, was unable to with the lens I had). And as my camera flashed the dreaded zero space left on its LCD, an aircraft screeches down the tarmac. I looked up, and it was our plane. Our time in Palawan was up, sigh.

Wild Flowers at Busuanga, Palawan Wild Flowers at Busuanga, PalawanWild Flowers at Busuanga, Palawan Wild Flowers at Busuanga, Palawan

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  1. Wow, you really have an eye for details and pretty things. =)

  2. What lens did you use here? galing pa rin ng blurring effect ah.

  3. @Christian. I'm still practicing doing the macro shots pre. But for now, I have shaky hands. I'll your shots pre. Kukuha din ako ng ganito sa trekking activities namin. Thanks pre for giving me such a nice idea. Doing something while waiting, ---indeed a good attitude.:-).

  4. i agree with dani! labdadop!

  5. Dani, Vhincci and Lestat
    Thanks po!

    I used my 50mm f1.8 and 16-85mm. Yung sa 50mm, sinalpakan ko ng Raynox close-up filter. =)

    Sakto yan pag sa mga trekking, dami pwede subjects dun! Problem lang baka maiwan ka ng group mo kaka-picture =P