PALAWAN | Coron Trip Itinerary and Summary

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Notes on Coron

Coron, Palawan

Here's a rough sketch of our five-day stay in Coron, Palawan: 

I T I N E R A R I E S   
Day One
Manila to Palawan| Mount Tapyas Hotel | An Afternoon Walk | Hiking Mt. Tapyas
Day Two
Public Market | Lambingan Bridge | Siete Pecados | The Hike to Kayangan Lake
Kayangan Lake | Banol Beach | Twin Lagoon | Sunset at Banol Beach | Bistro Coron
Day Three
Tita Esh Eatery | Coron Souvenir & Gift Shop | Kuweba Arts and Crafts
Maquinit Hot Springs | Raphaella’s at Darayonan
Day Four
Malcapuya Island | Banana Island | Bulog Dos Island | Coron Village Lodge Bar & Resto

Day Five
Morning Farewells | Grassland Close-Ups

    P594.40 - Roundtrip ticket Manila to Busuanga via Cebu Pacific Promo 
                  (2 Persons, P297.20 each)
    P400.00 - NAIA 3 Terminal Fee (2 Persons, P200.00 each)
    P40.00 - Busuanga Airport Terminal Fee (2 Persons, P20.00 each)

Accommodation: P5,946.00
    P5,946.00 - Twin-Bed room at Mt. Tapyas Hotel (P1,200/night + airport transfers)
                     Cell Phone: 0917-5005566  Website:

Island Tour:  P7,100.00
    Day Two
        P1,500.00 - Coron Island Loop Tour Boat Fee (4-person boat)
                          Boatman: Avel Arevalo - (0939) 815-0044
        P200.00    - Environmental Fee: Siete Picados (2 Persons, P100.00 each)
        P400.00    - Environmental Fee: Kayangan Lake (2 Persons, P200.00 each)
        P200.00    - Environmental Fee: Banol Beach (2 Persons, P100.00 each)
        P200.00    - Environmental Fee: Japanese Shipwreck (2 Persons, P100.00 each)
        P200.00    - Environmental Fee: Twin Lagoon (2 Persons, P100.00 each) 
    Day Four
        P3,500.00 - Malcapuya Loop Tour Boat Fee (4-person boat)
                          Boatman: Avel Arevalo - (0939) 815-0044
        P300.00    - Environmental Fee: Malcapuya Island (2 Persons, P150.00 each)
        P400.00    - Environmental Fee: Banana Island (2 Persons, P200.00 each)
        P200.00    - Environmental Fee: Bulog Dos Island (2 Persons, P100.00 each) 

Food:  P3,634.00
    Day One 
        P341.00 - Lunch at Mt. Tapyas Hotel  
        P390.00 - Dinner at Kawayanan Grill
    Day Two
        P286.00 - Breakfast at Mt. Tapyas Hotel 
        P560.00 - Lunch at Banol Beach (Bought at Public Market for Island Tour)
        P475.00 - Dinner at Bistro Coron
    Day Three
        P190.00 - Breakfast at Tita Esh Eatery
        P105.00 - Late Lunch at Tita Esh Eatery
        P330.00 - Dinner at Raphaella’s at Darayonan
    Day Four
        P307.00 - Breakfast and Lunch (Bought at Public Market for Island Tour)
        P500.00 - Dinner at Coron Village Lodge Bar & Resto
    Day Five
        P150.00 - Silog Near Market

T O T A L   S P E N D I N G S
    More or Less P17,714.00 (for two persons or 8,857 per person)

Places that we were not able to visit:

    Barracuda Lake
    Culion Island
    Malaroyroy Island
    Calauit Game Reserve 
    Concepcion Waterfalls  
    Mountain Trekkings and Mangrove Kayakings

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  1. thanks for sharing the expenses for sure this will help those who are planning their trip there.

  2. Bow ako sa coverage mo ng Coron, extensive and well-written with great pictures too :)

  3. Dong Ho
    Your welcome sir, shempre tayo tayo rin naman magtutulungan. :)

    Thanks Claire, ang ganda kasi talaga sa Coron ih. :P

  4. Thanks for sharing the itinerary!

  5. I really find your blog so helpful. 'Am planning a surprise trip for our 20th Wedding Anniv and I am all keeping in a secret until we board the flight to Busuanga. Your info is so helpful so we can maximize our 4-day trip. Thanks and more adventures to come. Be Safe!

  6. Teng and Anonymous
    No problem po, glad to be of service =)
    Anonymous, your partner's so lucky ah! Thanks!

  7. hi there!such a great blog + awesome pics...i'm much excited for my schedule trip end of this month. yet, i have some worries for any contact person there. i just want to know about Avel Arevalo, i already coordinated with him but pardon me for i still have doubts...hope you could help me please :)


  8. Keishan
    Hi, I can personally vow to our boatman's reliability and kindness during our Coron trip =]

  9. thanks!! a big help for us, will be having our coron trip this november...

  10. magkanu pamasahe sa tricycle dun? kasi hotel lang nireserve namin at plane tiket? kung dun kami 2 kukuha ng tour package mas mura ba thanks!!..

  11. Hi, Christian! Stumbled upon your blog when we were planning our Coron trip. Really, really helpful; and we can swear by the boatman, Avel, too. Akala lang namin manong na siya kaya nagulat kami when we finally met him, haha. :D Anyway, just want to say super thanks! And more itineraries like this, please. :)

  12. Anonymous
    As far as I can recall Php8.00 po, but we usually give them Php10.00 :)

    Text Avel, he's our boatman for the island tours, napakabait po nyan, highly recommended :)

    Haha poging pogi diba :P
    Glad I can help po

  13. one that i need when I do my own IT. thanks for this!

  14. nice!! Na ingit ako sa mga pics mo..
    siempre I'll take my own shot of Coron!
    Parang all worth it talaga ang gastos.

  15. excited na ako sa coron trip namin mamaya!!!!!

  16. I want to go to Coron, but I don't know if I can grab a friend to accompany me. Ok lang ba mag solo trip?

  17. going to coron with my girlfriend,did you join a group?is it ok if we are only 2?

  18. Journeys and Travels
    No problem! :)

    Mura lang sa Coron if you're in a big group. Or kung solo ka lang, hanap ka ng mga masasabayan sa island tours :)

    Wow mamaya na!??

    Ok lang mag solo trip sa Coron, hanap ka lang ng group sa hotel na pag stayan mo ng masasabayan for the island tours para mura

    The IT expenses above is for 2 jay :)

  19. hello po! i stumbled upon your blog and i found it really helpful!! i nearly got into tears!! so much info!!! its such a big help!!! thanks a lot for this!!! may i ask where do you get this island tour package? is it from the hotel too? sorry for the seemingly toopid question.. i'm new to all this trip stuff~

  20. Je En
    No problem, glad to always help out! For the island tours, you may contact the boatman I posted above, sya na bahala sa tours nyo :)

  21. thanks for sharing! magagamit ko to future reference pag natuloy ako sa coron (kahit matagal pa) will bookmark na and start reading the series :)

    1. Wow I can't believe di ka pa nakapag Coron pala! You'll definitely enjoy it there :)