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Monday, January 31, 2011

Huge Palabok Serving

Looking for an alternative for the expensive breakfast our hotel was serving, we chanced upon this small unassuming eatery at one of Coron’s street corners. Not really expecting anything but the run-of-the-mill Filipino breakfast fare from carinderias, I didn’t even bother taking out my camera to photograph our food.

We ordered Corned Beef with Rice and Tocilog (Fried Sweet Pork, egg and rice) at Php65.00 each and added a Php60.00 Chicken Mami Noodles just in case their serving size doesn’t fill up our hungry belly. Price was higher than the usual morning fare in Manila, but in Coron, this was actually priced just right.

After a few minutes, our breakfast was ready.

Lo and behold, we were totally surprised when our orders arrived; serving size was above average and the food was more than decent. We quickly gobbled everything up and almost didn’t get to finish the Mami we ordered for contingency. For Php190.00, half of what we would’ve paid at our hotel if we had our breakfast there, we were exceedingly full and satisfied.
The Friendly StaffWanting to check if what we ate earlier at Tita Esh was just a fluke, we tried their eatery again that afternoon for a quick snack, this time ordering their Pancit Palabok (Php60.00) and Egg Sandwich (Php40.00).

I was checking out the other table that ordered spaghetti and was wondering if they somehow knew the storeowners as the serving size for their pasta was simply huge.

I wondered no more as our orders arrived, the serving size was exactly the same as theirs! It was definitely more than enough for two persons.

I did have my camera ready this time and photographed our humble snack like it was from an expensive restaurant.

Tita Esh Eatery is definitely the place to check out for backpackers looking for affordable yet filling chow, you’d definitely get your money’s worth. We would have been regulars here if we’d discovered this hole in the wall canteen earlier, but due to our scheduled island tour the next day and our early flight the next, we weren’t able to visit and eat there again.

Tita Esh Eatery's Spartan Interior The Storefront Open on Both Sides to the Street
Simot Sarap!


       Tita Esh Eatery
       Address: Malvar Street, near Central Bakery, Coron, Palawan
       Contact Number: (0928) 390-7785
       Menu: Click Here

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  1. Thanks for sharing ! Looks yummy !

  2. I found here my tastiest tocino! Really really good!

  3. The palabok looks delicious. Is Tita Esh new? I was just wondering if it was there already when I visited Coron.

  4. Sydney
    Thanks for dropping by, it tastes as good as it looks =]

    Haha congrats! Rare feat eh?

    Tita Esh has been around for 7 years already, they also have a branch near the market area (though I wasnt able to find it). It's very non-descript, you wouldn't really give it a second glance if you ever pass it by. =]