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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dining Al Fresco at Bistro Coron

I always look for good places to eat out in when traveling out of town and Bistro Coron was one of the restaurants that constantly pop on my net searches for this trip. So after our whole day affair touring Coron Island, we asked around for directions and walked through Coron’s sloping streets to dine at the famed bistro.

Their 12-page menu runs a gamut of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not a few of which having some French leanings. They serve almost everything; salads, pizza and pastas, steaks, beef, pork and seafood dishes. There were no Filipino fares on their menu however.

For drinks, they only have the usual sodas, a few juice drinks and coffee. The rest of the two-columned drinks page is filled with assortments of alcoholic beverages; perfect for those wanting to drink the night away.

The Bar and Billiard Hall at Bistro CoronThe bistro has a somewhat confusing layout, having two separate doors. I think the main dining hall is located on the left side (sorry I really wasn’t able to inspect it much) and their bar complete with a billiard table on the right side. Diners also have the option to eat al-fresco on the porch at either side of the resto.

Although we found the staff to be an unsmiling bunch, their service was quite okay (we did had a hard time calling one for our initial order though). 

From what I gather, they serve a mean steak so we ordered Beef Tenderloin with Pepper Sauce (Php210.00) plus their Chicken Cordon Bleue (Php195.00) dish.  Yep, Cordon Bleue as printed on their menu.

It wasn’t too long before our humongous dinner was served. We were surprised by the huge serving size of both dishes; each one was actually already good for two persons. This definitely explains their above average price.

Their Beef Tenderloin with Pepper Sauce was indeed worthy of all the praises I’ve been reading about, meat was cooked just right, very tender; gravy was flavorful, exactly how I preferred it. The Cordon Bleue was a bit average for me though.

Bistro Coron might not win any awards for having the friendliest crew or the best restaurant ambience, but they sure got it right where it matters most, their dishes delivered more than expected.

Chicken Cordon Bleue with Pasta at Bistro Coron
Beef Tenderloin with Pepper Sauce at Bistro Coron 

      Bistro Coron 
      Address: National Hi-way, Poblacion 4, Palawan
      Contact Number: (0918) 305-0750
      Restaurant Menu: Click Here 

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  1. Bistro Coron is one of the few good restaurants in Coron that offers quality dishes base from the reviews that I have read, but I wasn't able to eat here because I was challenging myself that time to spend 1000 pesos per day including accommodation and island-hopping fees :) I just at carinderias :)

  2. beef tenderloin looks yum! haven't been to coron. when i get the chance, will dine here (if the budget permits, haha!).

  3. Beef Tenderloin is very very memorable :D sawap!

  4. Claire
    Wow tipid ha! Pero on further examination, di naman sya talaga ganun kamahal considering pwede na yung isang plate for two persons

    Pinay Travel Junkie
    Try it out, share na lang kayo ng mga buddies mo para tipid. =]

    Goodness diba? We have Rolly Magpayo to thank for that. =]

  5. ooohh, maybe we should have eaten here instead of Kawayanan.
    ang linis ng food shots! penge technique!! (may external flash ka?)

  6. Chyng
    Food's definitely better here than at Kawayanan, but Kawayanan has the better ambience between the two.

    Yup external flash lang yan bounced at the ceiling. =]

  7. first 2 pix were featured in living asia channel. with credits naman.

  8. Lestat
    Di ko pa rin napapanuod yung feature til now =P