PALAWAN | Sunset at Coron’s Banol Beach

Friday, January 28, 2011

Going Back to Banol Beach in Coron

Not really part of the usual Coron Island tour, we headed back to Banol Beach for a quick sunset photo The Lighted Limestone Cliffs at Coron's Banol Beachsession before concluding the day’s trip.
The good thing about renting an exclusive boat is that you can choose where to go and how long to stay without pressure from your fellow passengers. The tour usually ends at five in the afternoon but we asked if we could extend it to at least ‘til after sunset. Our boatman generously obliged.

So there we were, parting Coron’s water with our outrigger boat en route back to Banol’s white sandy beach. Racing against time to catch the sun before it lowers Sundown at Banol Beach in Coronitself down the horizon. We made it with a few minutes to spare.

The limestone cliffs surrounding the beach were now reflecting the sun’s gold rays and the sky’s color was transforming from cool hues to warmer tones.

The beach, which was already beautiful in full sunshine, glowed exquisitely during sundown.

There were a few Korean tourists on the water, but they were already packing up when we arrived. Again, we had the whole cove toTwilight at Coron's Banol Beach ourselves. 

I quickly scouted the area, looking for interesting foregrounds and angles to frame the late afternoon scenery, but the sun seemed to be on the fast-forward. It was going down far more quickly than I would have preferred.

No time to think and be artsy about it; I set my tripod where I was, screwed on my landscape filters and photographed the twilight away. The soft warm light transformed into a fiery orange glow, cooled down to a magenta hue, and turned into electric blue. Unfortunately, evening arrived too quickly. With heavy hearts, we boarded our boat, tucked our cameras, snorkeling paraphernalia and bade farewell to Coron’s Higantes Island.

Off the Left Side of the Banol's Cove in Coron A Starfish During Sunset at Coron's Banol BeachMagenta Twilight at Coron's Banol Beach Her Starfish and the Sunset at Coron's Banol Beach

  Coron Island Hopping Tour

  Boatman: Avel Arevalo | (0939) 815-0044
  Tour Fee: Php1,500.00 whole day boat rental fee

  Banol Beach Entrance Fee 
  Php100.00 / person (No fee when we returned for the sunset shoot)

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  1. sir, ano lente mo? im very curious.

  2. Wooooow. I must visit Coron this year! :)

  3. Chyng
    I only have three lenses. In order of most use:
    Tokina 11-16mm - for landscapes (my favorite, this almost never leaves my camera hehe)
    Nikkor 16-85mm - for walks
    Nikkor 50mm - portraits

    You definitely must visit now, before the place gets totally commercialized (they're starting to build a humongous hotel complete with a resto center there now).

  4. nice one, mura ng boat rental nyo ah, whole-day Coron Island Tour na :)

  5. this place is very dear to me.

    this is where i met my very first....



  6. only? hehe your lenses will cost me an arm and a leg (or both lesgs! haha
    im so inggit sa UWA!

  7. Claire
    We got lucky ang bait ng boatman namin =]

    Oo nga pala no? =]

    Ummm.. Sali ka mga photo contests, dun ko kinuha mga pinambili ko jan ih =P

  8. we love coron. it's just so beautiful and majestic!

    btw, you're a great photographer Christian! galing galing! :)

  9. Bem and Weng
    I wholeheartedly agree with you. We're planning to go back, pero mukhang fully booked na kami for 2011 eh. =(

    Thank you po. =)

  10. Sir, safe ba yung boat at marunong ba mag dala ng boat yung boatman?

  11. Manuel
    Yes, safe po yung boat and Avel is really one of the best guides I've been with. Very accomodating at matulungin :)

  12. Hi, ask ko lang if good for 8pax and a baby yung boat? Thanks!

  13. Malen
    The one we rented before was for 4pax though they also have a boat that's good for 8pax,

  14. ganda sa always ganda ang pics...:) kuya ano pong lens yung 11-16 tska 16-85? ung 11-16 UWA ba un?

    1. Thanks! 11-16 is UWA, yung 16-85 parang yung normal 18-55, mas wider lang ng konti and mas longer din (ng konti) :)