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Friday, February 04, 2011

Huge Tribal Mask Carvings Greets Visitors as They Enter Coron's Souvenir Shop

We’ve been scouring the small town of Coron for something to bring home to our friends and families back in Manila but we’re really unable to find anything. We finally gave up and asked some locals where we can get some pasalubong. We were directed to The Souvenir Shop, as the locals called it, and rightly so, as it is indeed The souvenir shop.

The place is huge as trinkets shops goes, I’d say its about 15 regular souvenir shops combined. And they’ve got everything here; mugs, shirts, keychains, wood carvings (which I’d have to say are really really good), necklaces, woven bags, bracelets, tapestries, basket weavings, and of course ref magnets (call me corny but before I became addicted in collecting the local Starbucks mugs, ref magnets were my first love haha).

My Precious Ref Magnet from CoronFoodstuffs to bring home were pretty much limited to cashew nuts, banana chips, danggit (crunchy small dried fishes) and dilis (less crunchier smaller dried fish or anchovies if you must).

I’m also a sucker for local shirts, but I wasn’t able to find one that was to my liking so all I got were a couple of ref magnets. 

These magnets though were one of the best I’ve seen during my travels, at par with those I’ve got from Vigan.  In the tradition of the woodcarvings made by the original inhabitants of Coron, the Tagbanuas, they’re made from darkened wood materials and delicately carved to expose the lighter feature of the wood (ref magnet connoisseur in the house haha). I’m just not sure if these magnets along with the many wooden sculptures being sold in the store area made by the Tagbanuas themselves. 

Those magnets unfortunately were the only things I bought back to Manila to show that I’ve really been to Coron, and oops yeah, the thousand or so images I took from my cameras too which really were the best souvenirs anyone can have apart from memories (but memories do fade, so do take pictures and take a few notes to keep it from fading and yes buy ref magnets too while you’re at it).

Painted Wooden Fishes and Galleons Made from Seashells at Coron Souvenir Shop Trinkets Galore at Coron Souvenir ShopA Hallway Filled with Everything at Coron Souvenir Shop Tagbanua Inspired Woodworks at Coron Gift ShopThe Store Owner Manning the Counter at Coron Gift Shop Food Products Sold in the Foyer at Coron Gift Shop

  Coron Souvenir & Gift Shop 
  Address: Barangay Polacion 5, Coron, Palawan
  Contact Number: (0920) 203-0302 | (0918) 562-6314

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  1. Saan po merong souvenir shop dito? Doon sa Souvenir Shop merong souvenirs :) very creative name ;)

  2. yan yung gustong souvenir!!! naktia ko sa desk ng ofcmate ko kakaaling nya lang last dec.. nung pumunta kami, wala pa nyan! =(

  3. We went to the same souvenir shop! Hahaha! We didn't really wanna hunt for one so when it was time to buy souvenirs, sabi namin dun sa tricycle driver, "Manong sa souvenir shop po". How apt! Hahaha!

    I have one of those masks, but it's in my parents' house. Sa Puerto Princesa ko nabili. Hehe.

  4. OMG NAKAKAINGGIT. CORON! Hindi ko pa talaga binabasa, baka mamatay ako sa inggit, haha. I just dropped by to tell you that I passed an award to you! It's here:

    More power to your blog! :)

  5. Claire
    Right on haha!

    Balik ka daw ng Coron kasi =]

    Saktong sakto eh diba, parang sila lang talaga yung Souvenir shop hehe

    Thanks Dani, time to book a flight to Coron! Time it with those airline sales to get a cheaper fare =]

  6. You can get Coron, Palawan souvenir items here at