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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coron's Lambingan Bridge

The rickety wooden wharf off Coron’s east side was where we headed to board the outrigger boat for the day’s island tour.

LKids Hanging Out at Coron's Lambingan Bridgeambingan Bridge as tagged by the locals literally translates to Bridge of Affection, must be a common hangout place for lovers and would-be lovers.
This bridge unfortunately had seen better days; it was in such a state of disrepair when we saw it. I’ve seen photos of this place before and it didn’t look anywhere near to what it had now become.

The benches and landing located at the wharf’s end were now nowhere to be found. The light poles that previously dot every few meters of the dock, gone. More than a few of the platform planks, broken and loosened up. Morning Light on Coron Island
Quite sad really, as it really must have been nice back then for friends and lovers to have a stroll at this mini-pier for a view of the town’s emerald waters. Add the glow of the setting sun against the towering karsts of Coron Island nearby and this place must had been so romantically magical.

But the keyword here is “had been”.

Do check this link as to how this wooden bridge looked like merely three years ago, I definitely hope it can be restored to its former glory before age and decay totally consumes it.

The Fore Part of Coron's Lambingan Bridge From the Boat Docked at Coron's Lambingan Bridge
Locals Near Coron's Lambingan Bridge A Boat Docking at Coron's Lambingan Bridge

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  1. It took me 10,000 years to walk through that bridge just to get to our boat for the island hopping thing. I was soooo scared that my feet would fall through some of the gaps. LOL!

  2. Totoo, promise! Hahaha! Silly, but I have this fear of falling through small gaps like on the streets, on bridges, everywhere! I don't like stepping on manhole covers din. LOL!

  3. Mojita
    Haha that explains it.. That bridge really needs to be renovated.

  4. hello there, thanks for visiting my site. it's my 1st time here in your site. awesome photography! ganda ng mga shots mu. i missed this lambingan bridge in coron. congats, you have nice things going on here in your blog;)

    -Ascertain Bliss

  5. Mylene
    Thanks for the kind words Mylene! Salamat din sa pagbisita =)