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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coron's Siete Pecados

Seven sins, that’s what the Spanish words Siete Pecados mean, I am clueless as to why it was named after the seven deadly sins, all I know was that it was gonna be our first stop on our Coron Island tour.

We arrived at the cluster of seven islets just a few minutes after boarding our boat from town. I was expecting we’d land on a cove then snorkel from there, well A Couple Taking Photos of Each Other at Coron's Siete PecadosI can’t be more wrong, there was no cove to land on at Siete Pecados.

Our boatman switched off the boat’s motor right in the midst of the isles, told us we’re already there and started lowering the ladder down the water.

The green tinted water was super clear and we can easily see the 30-foot bottom from the boat. We got our snorkeling gear on in no time and got ready to have our first taste of Coron’s underwater.

I’ve never been surrounded by so many colorful fishes in my life. They literally swarmed over us, no doubt wanting to have a piece of bread that snorkelers usually bring along for them. It was a mindblowing experience to witness all these firsthand and it was with real regret that I didn’t have an underwater camera with me to capture everything. Coron’s real treasure lies beneath its surface. 

A rope was set-up along the water to guide newbie snorkelers; quite helpful as there’s  a current that runs alongThe Fee Collector Approaching our Boatman at Coron's Siete Pecados Siete Pecados. 
A few minutes of snorkeling and I was surprised to see Minnie Mouse and a couple of other Disney characters at the seabed, they turned out to be a group of divers wearing funny headgears. I thought I was seeing things haha. I envy those guys, but I’m not sure if I can really do diving.

I went up aboard our boat after some minutes as the current was getting stronger. I was the only one left in the water and I’m really not comfortable snorkeling alone.

Our boatman told us that there are talks of building some sort of oceanarium at Siete Pecados. Now why would they do that, all they really need is to dive down and everything is just there, they don’t need to build a humongous modern structure over these waters. We fervently hope that this does not push through as it would definitely ruin this natural wonder.

The Clear Waters of Coron's Siete Pecados
One of the Seven Islets of Coron's Siete Pecados 

      Coron Island Hopping Tour
      Boatman: Avel Arevalo | (0939) 815-0044
      Tour Fee: Php1,500.00 whole day boat rental fee

      Siete Pecados Entrance Fee
      Php 100.00 / person

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  1. crustal clear coron!
    where's your D10? ^_^

  2. Chyng
    Don't have a D10, yet. Hehe
    I'm actually thinking if I should get a Pentax or a Canon for my underwater needs. Hmm..

  3. picked up the newspapers today and finally saw the "ocean park" that kuya avel mentioned to us. its an underwater hotel apparently, and not an oceanarium.

    it made me sad really. this isnt necessary imho. coron is beautiful as it is. constructing something this big would destroy the magic and wonder of this island. again, price of development. if we can only stop them. waah kakalungkot.

    visit this place now pinoys. before the construction begins. see coron now, when its still sleepy, unassuming, natural and pure. when it's all glammed up, you wont be able to afford it [am talking to you average, simple pinoy]... sad.

  4. I went to Palawan just this January and had so much fun! We also went to Siete Pecados, it was my second time to go snorkeling and I had never been disappointed! Will be going back to Palawan this coming December, yey!

  5. Girl Travel Factor
    Sayang no underwater shots? :)