PALAWAN | The Hike to Coron’s Kayangan Lake

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Most Photographed Place in Coron

One of the highlights of our stay in Coron was our visit to the enchanting Blue Lagoon or as it is locally known, Kayangan Lake. Getting there however was no piece of cake though as it requires some serious leg pumping action.
After the quick dip at Siete Pecados, our Our Boat Docked on Coron's Unbelievably Clear Watersoutrigger boat again traversed the calm waters of Coron. Passing by Higantes, the local name for Coron Island, which looks more like a mountain than an island really, and into one of its many coves. A couple kayaking away greeted us as we approached the beach to the Blue Lagoon.

Before ascending the hundred plus uneven stone steps up into the heart of the island, we first paid our environmental fee at the mini-office near the docking area where we also found comfort rooms.  We took the opportunity to relieve our bladders there instead of holding it in for the whole day or worst letting it go while in the water (the sea’s salty anyway, sorry bad joke lol).

The Tagbanuas who have been living in the island since time immemorial are its caretaker and they consider this their ancestral home.  It is only with their permission that tourists are now allowed to visit the island’s numerous spots.
Without much further ado, we started our ascent up the steps. Having really no idea how lengthy this trek was gonna be, my mind went The Path to Coron's Kayangan Lakea-flashbacking to the previous day’s strength-draining Mt. Tapyas climb.

Like the previous day’s climb, railings and benches were readily available on selected locations for people who need to catch their breath. The similarities end there however, whereas Mt. Tapyas had even concrete steps, Kayangan have totally irregularly shaped steps made from natural stones. And some of the treads are huge! Better take your sweet time navigating these stairs as I imagine a simple slip would hurt you real bad.

After eight minutes of climbing we took a side trip to check out the most photographed location in Coron (scroll up to the main photo above). From the cliff’s edge, one can see the entrance to Kayangan’s cove; the view was simply grand, really postcard perfect. Err, again this was indeed where all those postcard photos came from.

There was also this small cave in the area where we explored a bit. Not much to see there though.

We bade goodbye to The Coron view and continued our hike towards the lake.  Five minutes later and we reached the apex, it was all downhill from there.

The descent took less than ten minutes and the freshwater lake right in the middle of the island was already popping into our view. The sight of the deep emerald waters of Lake Kayangan made every single steps through the rocky 20-minute trek very much worth it.

Onwards and Upwards Towards Coron's Kayangan Lake The Cave at Coron's Kayangan Lake Descent down to Coron's Blue Lagoon
Coron's Kayangan Lake at Last

      Coron Island Hopping Tour

      Boatman: Avel Arevalo | (0939) 815-0044
      Tour Fee: Php1,500.00 whole day boat rental fee

      Kayangan Lake Entrance Fee
      Php200.00 / person

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  1. sir sama mo ko sa mga travel mo. wanna learn your stuff on how you make your this kind of blog.

  2. Sure, pag may group travel I can invite you. Do introduce yourself, I don't know your name eh =)

  3. sir im jeremiah.
    wanna learn your way sana..hehe

  4. jeremiah
    Sure, just ask away, I don't mind sharing what I know. =)

  5. hehe great. actually sir i want to know how you think when you travel, how you make those great shots.
    saw your thread in DPP and it inspired me.
    im a newbie in photography and i like traveling alot. all i need is a mentor. hehe

  6. Idol Christian! ako din gusto ko sumama kung may chance! pa email naman ako para ma check ko kung avail ako. usually weekends ka naman nag travel di ba? Thanks!

  7. Jeremiah
    I really don't think much when taking photos, I just shoot what I see. It's pretty automatic I guess. Sometimes, I frame the scenery on the viewfinder first, if it looks uninteresting, I hold off from pushing the shutter button. =)

    Sure pre, save ko e-mail address mo =)

  8. pwede rin po bang sumama.. he he he...

  9. Ricky
    Thanks for dropping by! Sure naman, actually Dong Ho's planning a trip to Pinatubo this March, been thinking of going, open sya for everyone. =)

    Check his site here:

  10. Hi, i like your photos... did you bring tripod for taking these photos? I am going to visit the place and wondering if a tripod is needed to take these photos... with all the hike i am considering not too but if it will help having a tripod for better images then i will bring one... my tripod is light anyway... Thanks.

    1. I didn't bring a tripod but it would be better if you bring one, the hike's only about 15 minutes long and not that hard :)