LAGUNA | Majayjay’s Coldest, Taytay Falls

Friday, November 26, 2010

Majayjay, Laguna's Taytay Falls

Popularly known as Majayjay Falls and lesser known as Imelda Falls, Taytay Falls as it is officially called is one of the many waterfalls located in the province of Laguna.

Located on the 4th class municipality of Majayjay, Taytay Falls is a popular destination among local folks and in recent years even people from far off places. Picnics and overnight camping are the usual activities Majayjay, Laguna's Taytay Fallshere besides the obvious dunking in the cold water of its moderately deep catchpool.

The water cascading down from the falls is crystal clear; definitely tempting for a dip, but its temperature is another matter entirely. Being located a thousand feet at the base of Mt. Banahaw, its elevation brings the climate down quite a bit from the usual heat metropolitan people are used to. Add the usual chilly waters from waterfalls and you got an extra freezing pool in the form of Taytay Falls. I’ve swam across a few waterfalls myself, and this is definitely the coldest one I’ve been in.

The waterfall is actually not that tall, being around 20 feet high or so, but the place still feels enchanting. Even with the area being a bit developed already, paved walkways, concrete bridges, and some lodgings, you can definitely still feel surrounded by nature.

Huge trees enfold the place; gigantic boulders litter the floor and cicadas sings along with the water’s rumbling song. Sometimes the sun’s ray filter through the green canopy above and shines through the cold mist created by the clap of falling waters against still waters,Majayjay, Laguna's Taytay Falls a peaceful symphony of nature.

Those who love photography would also have a blast shooting around this place. I actually intentionally stopped myself from doing long water exposures as it would take me the whole day just to cover every angle from the waterfalls’ pool to its downstream fringes.

The place also teems with critters, insects and vegetations suitable for those who love macro or close-up photography.

I noted with a bit of amazement that the usual litters surrounding spots such as these were not to be found. The place have guys sweeping the area from time to time, it’s good to know that the people are taking care of this place. The Php20.00 fee we paid upon entering the park was definitely worth it.

All in all, I have to say that even with our brief stay in Taytay Falls, I onehundredpercently enjoyed it. I would have loved to stay longer or camp here, but time is really not on our hands during this trip.

Maybe next time; or make that, definitely next time Taytay Falls.

Majayjay, Laguna's Taytay Falls Majayjay, Laguna's Taytay Falls
Majayjay, Laguna's Taytay Falls Majayjay, Laguna's Taytay Falls

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  1. I fell in love at first sight of your photos.

  2. Awesome pics!! =D What brand/model of DSLR do you use? I'm into photography as well, pero I need more practice. Galing mo grabe...

  3. I was here last weekend :) niceynicey

  4. Angelmiz
    Thanks practice makes perfect ika nga. I use a Canon D10, a Canon S3is, and a Nikon D80. =)

    Nice place I agree, nag overnight kayo? =)

  5. wanna go there sana kaya lang mga katrabho gusto gimik gimik ako lang may gusto ng travel travel sayang.. kung pwede lang ako mag isa

  6. John
    Pwede naman mag-isa pre, I know many travelers na soloflight lagi, masaya rin mag travel mag isa :)

  7. Try namin puntahan ito next month. Mukhang maganda.

    1. Yes, Taytay Falls, even though already developed, is still quite a sight to behold.