ILOCOS NORTE | Amongst the Waves at Pagudpud’s Saud Beach

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Synchronized Skimboarding at Pagudpud's Saud Beach

It was noontime and the waves at Pagudpud was not letting up at all, more so, it seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. The weather was totally uncooperative with us beachbummers as the sky remained a constant gray with the  The Waves at Pagudpud's Saud Beachoccasional rainshower every now and then.

This was not however a hindrance to the people who visited Saud that day hoping to have some good summer fun under the blue sky and green sea. Tourists and locals still lined the beach, massive waves, dreary skies, rain and all.

Skimboarders were having a heck of a time riding their boards at the shoreline and kids were having a grand time catching the incoming waves; people were still having a fine time despite the bad weather.

Me, I just settled on shooting some snaps first before braving the incoming waves.

A Skimboarder Waiting for the Waves at Pagudpud's Saud Beach
Beach Bummers at Pagudpud's Saud Beach Skimboarding at Pagudpud's Saud Beach Skimboarders Taking a Break at Pagudpud's Saud Beach Kids Playing by the Shore at Pagudpud's Saud Beach


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  1. Since bad weather usually means stronger waves, I'm sure the skimboarders welcomed it. ;)

    I hope I can get to Pagudpud before it gets spoiled. That beach looks awesome.

    And about your question about the shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Yes, it's inside Fort Santiago itself. The way to it is through a tunnel.

  2. Thanks Hilda for taking the time to drop by. I would surely visit that shrine in Fort Santiago. I have been to the Fort a number of times but have never seen that shrine yet. =)

  3. wow they got unique shape of skimboards. must be for flat skimming. the beach is so perfect for it.

  4. Bien
    Ayz diba? =P

    Haha I'm really not that knowledgeable about skimboarding =P

  5. you can also visit us about skimboarding in ilocos sur

    1. Hi Lance, where particularly in Ilocos Sur is skim boarding popular?