ILOCOS NORTE | Rocks and Waves at Pagudpud’s Saud Beach

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bangui Bay in the Distance at Saud Beach, Pagudpud

The southern part of the Saud Cove in Pagudpud is really not what you’d call a prime spot when it comes to beaches.  There are hardly any sand along the shoreline; all you’ll see are rough reef-like surfaces with massive Rough Shore at Saud Beach, Pagudpudwaves pounding it every other second. Swimming in these shores would leave you seriously hurt and bleeding, hardly a good place to hang around in at Pagudpud.

This however is the perfect place for landscape photographers. The rough rocks acting as interesting foregrounds while the waves add dynamism to photographs. Wait for a golden sunrise or sunset and you’ll have a postcard-perfect picture.

With the constant bad weather during our stay at Pagudpud though, that golden light was simply never gonna appear. As afternoon arrived, the sky only got darker and darker with light rainshowers falling down every now and then.

Ominous clouds notwithstanding, I headed off with my gear to this part of Saud and set down my tripod amongst the craggy rocks. Carefully balancing between the jagged shoreline, I wrapped my camera with a handkerchief and whiled away the afternoon away shooting nothing but the sharp uneven boulders, the hammering waves, and the fast-moving dark clouds.

Swirling Waves at Saud Beach, Pagudpud
Crashing Waves at Saud Beach, Pagudpud No Sandy Beach at this Part of Saud Beach, Pagudpud


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  1. Hi....i want to invite my friends to visit your site... Can that be possible? Thanks!!!!

  2. Hi ma'am Cherry! Feel free to invite your friends po.

    Just ask them to visit here and enter their e-mail address at the "Subscribe via email" space found on the right side of the page. =)

  3. Sir! paturo naman magkaron ng ganitong shots. Pupunta ako sa Pagudpud this March eh :)

  4. Chasing Philippines
    Tripod, ND Filter (or CPL if wala ka ND) and long exposure lang yan Mich. Mga 1 to 3 seconds exposure swak na :)