PANGASINAN | Dasol’s Tambobong Beach

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First View of the Beach at Tambobong

It was our yearly family excursion and while we usually frequent the shores of Bataan for these activities, this year we went a bit way off and tried an unknown cove in Dasol, Pangasinan. A cousin recently discovered this beach thru Soft Creamy Sand at Tambobongword of mouth and was telling us how nice and beautiful the place was.

With all the preparation set, we departed Manila at midnight and arrived at Pangasinan at daybreak. The beach was still way off from the main highway and it took us a good hour and a half of sparsely paved road before reaching the fishing village of Tambobong.

The bumpy zigzagging ride was well worth it once the view of the sea filled the van’s windows. It was boat after colorful boat lining up the white sand of the beach and the water was a cool soft green  against the bright blue sky. After eight hours of cramped seating, it was time to finally hit the beach!

The sand felt as fine as it looked and though we were raring to for a dip, it was food first before anything else.

After a hurried breakfast (we were all excited for a swim), it was decided that we do some island hopping first before doing some laps at the beach as the wind turns up a bit later on the day and we don’t want to be caught in a rough ride back to Tambobong.

The water seems to be teasing us, after a long tedious journey, and now that we’re finally on the beach, near as it is, we were still unable to have even a minute to dip in its inviting waters! Argh! Great things comes to those who wait I guess.

The Virgin Beach of Tambobong

Island Hopping Time at Dasol, Pangasinan

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  1. Hi what camera do you use???

  2. Anonymous
    A Nikon D80, a Canon Powershot S3is and an iPhone =)

  3. what lens do you usually use in your shots?

  4. Try Villa Balinmanok it's a private resort with 3 mo from google "Villa Balinmanok"

  5. Dasolpangasinan
    Yes I've heard of that place, maybe next time :)