NUEVA ECIJA | Erratic Weather at Cabanatuan’s Buliran Ricefields

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dark Rain-Heavy Clouds at Cabanatuan's Ricefields

A ten minute walk from my grandma’s place is another of my favorite place to shoot and hang out during sunset; the expansive Buliran ricefields.

It was drizzling on and off during our first day at Cabanatuan and I wasn’t expecting much for a shoot Two Farmers on a Misty Afternoon at the Cabanatuan Ricefieldssince it was still pouring come afternoon. So when the rain unexpectedly subsided, I quickly packed my gear off and excused myself for an afternoon at the rice paddies. 

The shower actually was a blessing in disguise. Even if the sun was unable to peek through the thick clouds, it did something magical to the grasslands; it made the far-off horizon appear dreamlike with thick white mists emanating from the golden green ground up to the hazy treetops.

Not a few minutes into the shoot however, thick dark rainclouds started rolling in once again signaling the end of the shoot for the day. Good thing there was a sari-sari store with a generous porch near the farm to while away the time as I wait for the downpour to stop.

It was almost quite perfect; cool weather and dark skies on a quaint store near the fields.  Only thing missing was a hot aromatic coffee to compliment the ambience.

A Hot Clear Day Finally at the Cabanatuan Rice FieldsSecond day was sunnier than the first one and I took off to the fields earlier than usual. I was there by four in the afternoon and the sun was still high up. There were hardly any wind and the air was ultra humid. My skin felt stickyGod Rays at the Cabanatuan Paddies and my shirt was already clinging to my skin.  

I decided to wait it out, since the cloud formation looks promising. It looks like it’s gonna be a god-rayed afternoon sunset.

While scouting for a good place to shoot, I chancedupon a group of cows grazing in the area. They were a bit suspect of me but in time got used to my presence. I was able to take some pretty close shots too, coming as close as the mother cow almost licked my camera lens.

My waiting was well rewarded.  As I predicted the heavens did indeed opened up and I got them golden lights streaming down the clouds and into the freshly harvested golden fields. Crepuscular heavens, it was every landscape photographer’s wish!

Mother and Daughter Cow at the Cabanatuan Rice Fields
A Close Up Portrait at the Cabanatuan Rice Fields Grazing All Day at the Fields of Cabanatuan

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  1. ang ganda naman dito...parang pinag shushootingan ng mga movies.
    Of course.. great captures! more power.

    *o* ellen

  2. Leon Guererro will like this place.


  3. Ellen

    Diba patay na si Leon Guererro? =P

  4. wow! so great pictures!

    i came from nueva ecija and it always feel good to see the view of rice fields. it somehow free me from the pollution in Manila.

  5. Don
    Tenk pre! hehe

    Thanks for dropping by, indeed a good place to get away from the city's pollution diba. =)