MOUNTAIN PROVINCE | The Hike to Sagada’s Bomod-Ok Falls

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Hike to Sagada's Bomod-Ok Falls

The Bomod-Ok Falls or the Big Falls as it is more popularly known to Sagada tourists is our next stop after chowing down a full breakfast at Rock Inn and Café.

The Rice Pilapils at Sagada's Bomod-Ok Fallsjump-off point for the trek was from a covered basketball court in Barangay Bangaan, a thirty-minute ride from the Sagada town proper. Besides the Falls, Bangaan is also famous for its UNESCO World Heritage Rice Terraces.  As a side-trip, visitors can also check the native Ifugao huts and cool off at the Guihob Cold Springs. There is also a local inn for the road-weary via the BangaanSheer Drop at the Bangaan Rice Terraces Family Inn located at the Banaue to Mayoyao trail.   

Cloud Nine mini-chocolate bars were handed out among us for the additional energy boost for the coming hike.

From the court, I saw some hikers already traversing what seemed like the edge of a rice terrace that drops down to a misty nowhere. This was gonna be exciting.

Our guide, Ben, led the way as we started our way down the uneven concrete treads to the verdant green mountain rice fields.  With the sun already high up, we snaked our way off the single lane paths through the sweltering heat. Good thing I have my hat and arm warmers on.

The path we were walking on were at one time earthen farm barriers that were concreted to make the trek easier for the Bomod-Ok pilgrims. On both sides of the trail were lush rice paddies stretching off into the horizon.

Some of the tracks fall off to 12-foot drops; better check your balance before trying out this hike.

The trek lasted for roughly an hour and a half, twisting its way into the villages of Bangaan, Modongo and Fidelisan. The view of the rice terraces was just breathtaking,A View of the Ranges at the Mountain Province layers upon layers of verdant green fields, crisscrossed by tight winding paths. I bet this place looks magical during sunrise with blankets of white fog combining with the soft filtering rays of the sun. 

The first half of the descent was fairly easy, just keep your balance and you’d be alright. The second half, which starts after the Php10.00 toll at the Fidelisan village is a bit more challenging. The drops are higher and more than half of the course are unpaved. I had to watch my every step, as I am really not the most able person when it comes to rough roads; I trip easily, I slip with no trouble, and I cramp at the slightest effort hehe.

The first batches of trekkers were now coming back from the falls and we have to stop every now and then to let them pass. 

After a while, the sounds of falling water, the splashes of the people jumping down the waterfall and the hoots of the egging crowd were starting to echo through the path. And a few minutes later, the top of a majestic 200-foot cliff surging with sparkling waters rose to our view. Bomod-Ok finally, a sanctuary from the blistering heat of the sun.  

Traversing the Bangaan Rice Terraces at Sagada's Bomod-Ok FallsThe Footpath to Sagada's Bomod-Ok Falls One of the Three Villages on the Way to Sagada's Bomod-Ok Falls

       Recommended SAGGAS (Sagada Genuine Guide Association) Guide
       Ben:  (0929) 591-5212 | He can help you with your accommodations too


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  1. ganda ng mga pix! thumbs up!

  2. I've been to Bomod-ok three times and once I got lost in the Fidelisan village (stupid me for not hiring a guide). Ganda ng photos. Makes me want to go back. :)

  3. I miss Sagada!
    I've been here twice and I still have lots of places I haven't gone to there. Hopefully next year I can come back. :D

  4. Robbie
    I do too, but before I go back, I need to trim some weight off para naman makapag caving ako hehe

  5. very nice:-) i miss sagada!

  6. Fruittytuttifriendship
    Thanks! I miss Sagada too! :)