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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Deep Green Pool of Sagada's Bomod-Ok Falls

After a brisk hour and a half down hike, we finally reached Sagada’s Big Falls at around eleven in the morning. It being the Holy Week, Sagada’s peak season, there were already a lot of people swimming The 200-foot High Big Falls of Sagadaand lounging around the deep pool beneath the waterfalls.

I have already been warned of the number of tourist flocking the quiet town of Sagada during these times, but since its quite hard to secure a leave in my line of work, I had to make do with what I have.

The Bomod-Ok Falls soars some 200 feet high in the air with waters cascading down into a cool green pool underneath. The water basin is quite deep and according to one of my travel companions who swam all the way across it, has an undercurrent in its middle part.

Since the country has not had rainfall for quite sometime, the amount of water surging down the cliff is not as impressive as it is during the wet months where whole precipice is covered with hard rampaging waters. Swimming is not allowed during Kids Jumping Down Into the Cool Pool Beneath Sagada's Bomod-Ok Fallsthe rainy seasons however.

Those who are not really adept at swimming can still enjoy the shallow part of the water near its edges, but for folks who are adventurous enough, a 20-foot high platform at the base of the waterfall serves as a diving point. To get there, you have to climb an almost vertical rock face and risk breaking your neck, should you happen to slip.

Those brave few who climbed up the platform, however, seemed to have lost all courage when it comes to jumping down the pool, much to the hoots and taunts of the crowd below. The local kids running naked around the place, however, made the ascent and the jump look like a piece of cake.

For those planning to swim, there are no restrooms or changing quarters in the area, better bring a sarong or a large towel instead. You may also just opt to just let your clothes dry during the hike back as the summer heat would definitely dry your garments in no time.

Weary trekkers can also avail of the massages being offered by the kids in the area for a small fee.

Jumping Down at Sagada's Bomod-Ok FallsKids Having Fun at Sagada's Bomod-Ok FallsThe Rock Face to the Platform of Sagada's Bomod-Ok Falls

So After a quick dip and an impromptu lunch of peanut butter, sausages and pandesals, our guide finally decided that it was time to head back.

The trek back was far more challenging than our descent. The path was now of course, upwards, and the fact that I was already tired from the previous hike down did not help at all. My supply of mineral water was already depleted and ten minutes into the hike and I’m already panting like a dog. A few minutes from the first village, I had to lie down in the middle of one of the longer stone stairs as cramps started attacking both of my legs.

Good thing our guide was really good and one of my travel buddies knows a thing about first aid. I admire the dedication and service of the Sagada guides as they helped me through the whole way up the mountain.

The Big Falls is a definite must-visit place in Sagada, the long trek across the verdant rice terraces being part of the adventure. If you’re planning to visit, make sure to bring sunblocks, hats, some spare clothes and lots of water. Don’t forget to get a guide too, as getting there is definitely not a walk in the park. The course is long and strenuous, but it’s worth every step once you reach the proud edifice of the Bomod-Ok Waterfalls.

A Farmer from Sagada's Bomod-Ok Falls
The Path Back from Sagada's Bomod-Ok Falls An Injured Visitor from Sagada's Bomod-Ok Falls

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  1. ganda nung Sagada farmer shot!

  2. Lestat, thanks! That was taken using my old Canon Powershot S3is cam. =]

  3. asteeg tong site mo brad...are you being paid by DT here? haha...ganda brad...2 thumbs up...hopefully maka-sama sa mga lakad nyo when i get back...gud luck!

  4. wahhh...naalala ko ang punta namin ng Sagada. 3 hours papunta at pabalik ng Big Falls. Nadulas pa ako dun sa isang bato nung papunta kami kaya me remembrance ako sa sa pagpunta ko ng Big Falls. Ganda ng pics. Parang sarap pumunta uli ng Sagada.

  5. Ace, salamat brad! Walang bayad ng Dept of Tourism to haha. Kelan ba balik mo sa Pilipinas?

    Susan,balik tayo sa Sagada, kelangan lang magbawas ng timbang bago bumalik. Sa bigat ko ata kaya ako pinulikat. =P

  6. ganda ng farmer shot..

  7. Salamat Anonymous! Pakilala ka naman! =P

  8. tapos na pala tong blog mo pre... ngayn ko lng na kita ulit.
    nice!!! superb!!! panalo talaga!!!
    hope to jam with u again with our next trip. do't know were and hoping to be soon...
    jp to... ur sagada body who knows 1st aid. hehehe...

  9. Dzaypi
    Salamat pre! Salamat ulit sa first aid haha =D

  10. wow..i love the pics..i have really regretted that i wasn't able to bring a good camera with me..i remember how delighted i was seeing the grandeur of Sagada wonders and the pain caused by our failure to see Bomod-ok falls for we were so exhausted after the Sumaguing cave explo..

  11. Anonymous
    There's always next time! I was supposed to go back to Sagada this November but my budget's kinda off, so I guess Sagada would have to wait. =(

  12. i couldnt help but admire your photos and your writing as well. im struggling to maintain a blog and have been dreaming of acquiring photography skills. the problem is that sometimes emotions get in the way just like last month when we visited sagada and trekked bomod-ok i was so scared of the steep and slippery steps that i was not able to take a single shot. hats off to you for still being able to take awesome pictures

    1. Hi Anonymous, don't be discouraged. Bomod-Ok Falls is really not a walk in the park especially for us not used to hiking. Safety first before taking photos :)