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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Trellised Entrance to the Cafe Bodega at Sagada's Rock Inn & Cafe

After the sunrise hunt at Sagada’s majestic Kiltepan Viewpoint, it was finally time for a hearty breakfast.

Having no meal yet since getting up at 4:30am (all the stores in Sagada it seems open in time with the rising sun), I wasWarm Wooden Interiors Lighted with Floor to Ceiling Windows at Sagada's Rock Inn & Cafe eagerly awaiting this part of the tour. A quick drive down the viewpoint and into another snaky one-lane dirtroad and we’re at the Rock Inn & Café.

The place looks really promising. A flowered trellis path leads visitors to its simple wooden doors, the kind that your grandma’s place might have. Walk through it and you will be greeted by the cozy sunbathed wooden interiors of Café Bodega, Rock Inn’s restaurant.

Diners can choose to either eat inside or go al fresco off the side of the restaurant. In the garden adjacent to the outdoor eating area is a bonfire hut where staying guests can enjoy a fiery night Al Fresco Breakfast at Sagada's Cafe Bodegaof stories, roasted marshmallows and burnt hotdogs.

Had I booked earlier, I would have preferred to stay at this place. Their accommodations range from Php450.00 bunk quarters to Php1,800.00 executive rooms. They can also lodge groups up to 18 persons large on their attic, costing guests just Php250.00 per head.

Their food was okay, nothing really earthshaking, but decent enough. The staff however, was either just too harassed because of the number of visitors because of the holidays, or was just really not into smiling.

The place was originally an orange orchard before being converted into a bed and breakfast for weary Sagada travelers. Guests can even join plucking oranges from their four-hectare farm should they chance to visit during the picking season. It is said that Rock Farm produces really good ponkans, Washington naval oranges, and persimmons.

Hidden from the road and being surrounded with nothing but the sounds of nature, lush greeneries and craggy rock formations, Rock Inn and Café is get-away within a get-away place like Sagada. The place looks like a real good place to unwind after a day’s hike and spelunking. I will definitely be back, unsmiling resto staff notwithstanding.

Complimentary Breakfast Coffee at Sagada's Rock Inn
Vegetable Rice with Bacon and Egg at Sagada's Rock Inn One of the Many Quirky Adornments at Sagada's Rock Inn

       Rock Inn & Cafe
       Address: Rock Farm, Batalao, Sagada, Mountain Province [2km before Sagada town proper] 
       Telephone: (0920) 909-5899 | (0920) 902-8608

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  1. nice place and nice shot =) i loved the beef steak meal here plus the fresh orange juice

  2. i wanted to stay here but then it was 2 KM away from the town. good for travelers with cars, though.

  3. @Pin
    I tried their Hearty Vegetable Rice breakfast, and it was okay. Should have tried the beefsteak instead. =)

    That 2km hike from Sagada would be part of the fun at staying there hehe.

    Thanks Pin and Ding for dropping by!

  4. looks promising nga. would love to dine there sometime.

  5. Lestat, masarap daw yung steak jan sabi ni miss Pin. =)