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Cara Rap San Jose

It has been less than a month since we visited Casa Rap Batangas and we’re back again in no time at all; this time, we’ve got the whole gang in tow. It was drizzling as we navigated through the roads of San Jose, coming all the way from Taal. A jeepney transfer later and we were at KM 90 of the National Highway.

Cara Rap San Jose

I made three separate posts about this restaurant before; its cozy interiors, its lush backyard, and Casa Rap’s food. Do check the links so I won’t have to delve much into details about it again.  

We’ve been telling everyone how crazy good Casa Rap’s halo-halo was and convinced everyone to try it out. Each asked for the largest serving and ordered pancit on the sides too.

Cara Rap San Jose

We roamed around out back while waiting for the food to arrive, going down the steep stairs to see the river down below and hanging out at Casa Rap’s comfy prayer room.

Finally, after tiring ourselves going back up the restaurant, the food arrived.

Everyone was surprised at the serving size of the dishes, we did not expect it to be so huge; it was almost good enough for two to three persons. But we were all ravishingly hungry from all the walking we did that day so there was no need to share, haha.
Cara Rap San Jose

The pancit canton (Php100.00) I ordered was excellent; it was filled with all kinds of veggies and meat. The pasta was sort of like the instant ones but was surprisingly firm and good too.

The rest of the gang ordered bihon and miki-bihon which was also did not disappoint.

The last to arrive was the lomi (Php80.00). I’m not really a lomi kind of guy since I don’t like its texture and consistency, but since our friend said that it was quite superb, I tried it out too. And indeed it was excellent, it has none of that icky consistency that I so dislike.

Casa Rap’s pancit merienda may not win any awards but this is as home-made and traditional a pancit can ever be.
Cara Rap San Jose Halo Halo

And let’s not forget their halo-halo (Php80.00); it is still a winner in my book. It still has that same curious texture; a mix of crushed ice, macapuno and pinipig that’s hard to forget. The whole gang wholeheartedly agreed that this is the best halo-halo they had ever tasted so far. And if not for our very full tummys, we would have ordered seconds.
Cara Rap San Jose 

     Casa Rap
     Address: Km. 90 National Highway, San Jose, Batangas City 
     Contact Number: (043) 726-2873
     + Click to view location on Google Maps 
     + Click to view Casa Rap Menu


Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Wednesday, August 31, 2011


  1. Ganda ng picture mo sa payong pre. Hanga lalo pre. Glad to be back this time from a busy schedule.:-).

  2. hi christian, thank you for contacting RJ for your bohol trip. binilin kita, sabi ko you're one of the best photographer kaya dapat ka nya mameet.

    enjoy! =)

  3. miss ko na tong halo halo na to!

  4. i was amused by the name, very catchy. and the place looks good too. i wanna try that halo-halo.

  5. Nag-crave ako bigla sa halo-halo kahit napakalamig ng panahon! :(

  6. ala eh, mukhang napakasa-RAP nga nyan!

  7. Waaaah Halo-halo! Another post I need to bookmark on your site for future reference!

  8. ang sarap ng pansit nakaka-crave tuloy...

  9. Bonzenti
    Haha yung payong talaga napansin? :P

    Salamat Chyng! Ibang klase ka talaga mag recommend, sumisikat lagi!

    Balik na! :]

    Marjorie, Rome
    Haha kulit ng name diba? Winner halohalo nila sobra

    Marxtermind, Robbie
    Sarap maghalohalo pag umuulan :]

    Miss ko na rin pancit canton nila :]

  10. Natatakam ako sa halo-halo Christian! Hindi ako mapapakali nito... hahaha

  11. mmmm kahapon lang eh craving ako for halo-halo sa norte tapos eto mababasa ko haha. yummier than razon's ang halo-halo nila?

  12. waaah! halohalo! I want to try it too. So far, best for me is the one in Camiguin. naman! super layo. Kaya kailangan ng kalimutan at subukan ang iba. Anla ahoy! ey mukang Casa rap nga! (My lolo and lola are true blood batanggenos. So I know how to do 'the accent'. hihihi!)

  13. Hi! please send me their updated contact numbers..thanks!

  14. Nuna
    Haha bili ka na lang muna nung mga nasa kanto :)

    Very very yummier than Razon's bro!

    Malditang "Kura"cha
    Saan sa Camiguin? I think may lakad ako dun next year :)

    Ang sarap at ang dami ng serving ng pancit nila!

    Sorry but I don't have any other number of theirs. It doesn't work anymore?