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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Balisong Taal Batangas

A trip to any locale would not be complete without a souvenir item or two, and after searching and not finding even one ref magnet in Taal, we turned to a more unconventional memento, Batangas’ famous balisong.

Butterfly knives, fan knives and click clacks are just some of the names that have been associated with the peculiar knife that hails from this province.

The knife originated from the French fan knife and its first local incarnation was handcrafted from a small barrio named Balisong in Batangas. It was said that the term balisong came from the term baling sungay (broken horn) since the first of these kinds were made from carved carabao horns.

Balisong Taal Batangas

Everyone in the country is familiar with balisong and I bet most of us had handled or owned one at one time or another, but for those unfamiliar with this kind of blade, I’ll give a brief description.

A balisong is a folding knife with two handles that encloses and hides the blade when not in use. The blade is revealed by flipping open the two half-handles that clips together and form its grip. The real charm of this weapon is from the way it is fancifully flipped open, click here for a demo.

For an easier explanation, here’s an illustration from Wikipedia:

Balisong Taal Batangas

The store we checked out also has various blades for sale, including home-made cleavers, machetes and pen-knives (which looks like a pen, but instead of having a ball point, it has knife inside). They also have a foot-long Batangas balisong displayed in a frame, but I forgot to ask if it was for sale.

Balisong Taal Batangas

Note that it is legal to sell and own a balisong to a certain extent, 29cm being its legal length limit.

It is generally believed that every Batangueños own a balisong. I asked my Batangueña officemate regarding this legend and she says she does not have one, she was even asking us if we could buy her one; so there goes that myth.

Balisong Taal Batangas

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  1. biglang tinanong ko tuloy yung kaibigan kong taga batangas, wala din siyang balisong..hehe

  2. batangas is known for kapeng barako and balisong.. ngayon kumpleto mo na.. hehe! kahit kami wala pa rin balisong.. :)

  3. Matanong ko nga ang brother-in-law ko kung may balisong din sila, hehe.

  4. I've seen a pen-knife from a colleague before. I suppose this is a lovely souvenir instead of your usual fridge magnet =)

  5. Nice. Parang I wanna own a balisong din. Doesn't it fit my persona perfectly? Lol.

    I remembered Kickass all of a sudden because Hit Girl was obsessed with it.

  6. blissfulguro
    Haha peke pala ang legend

    Taga Batangas pala kayo? Bili na kayu Balisong haha

    Meron daw? :P

    And infinitely deadlier :P

    Haha oo nga, astig si Hitgirl sa Balisong moves nya

  7. wala pa akong balisong ah. pagpunta ko dito, kuha ko isa nito. smith and wesson lang kutsilyo ko hehehe.

  8. myth smashed haha! i used to own a balisong for a keychain. your visit to a balisong shop is expected (and anticipated) since you are in the province anyway. it's hard not to make that sidetrip.

  9. Lakbay
    Ahehe bili na!

    Haha ako rin may Balisong dati kahit di ako taga Batangas =P
    I can't recall kung saan na napunta

  10. Dito sikat ang Baranggay Balisong :) visit nyo rin po ang site namin : to tell you more about Taal Batangas

  11. Dexter
    Oo nga sayang di namin nabisita yung barangay Balisong

  12. Ano mga price range ng knife nila?

    1. Hi Del, honestly medyo di ko na maalala as it has been too long :)