Thursday, September 01, 2011

Some might think that something as simple as a notebook can’t be seriously included as an essential for would be travelers in today’s electronic-driven world, but it is.

I find my small notebook invaluable when I go out of town. It may not be as small as an iPhone (well, it almost is) for taking notes down, but it does the job faster. I generally have it on my belt bag where it can be easily pulled out should I need to jot down some passing info that I would usually forget after an hour or so.

It’s especially handy when it comes to writing about food. The taste, which is very fleeting, can be hard to recall by the time you have to write about it (although it may be a challenge to write while eating, as I can attest, I always forget to take notes while chowing down, too engrossed with the dish served right before me, lol). Names of streets, buildings, people you’ll meet along the way, and expenses are also just a few penstrokes away.


Unlike its electronic counterparts, it’s a thousand times cheaper than even the oldest smartphone models. The simplest ones can be bought for as low as PHP50.00 while the high-end types, like the snappy Moleskines, are in the range of PHP500.00 upwards. But these are basically the same notebooks, so choose one that would better fit your budget, needs, and storage space.

What I mostly look for, besides the price, is the design. I love textured matte covers. I also prefer those that have rubber snap locks to keep all the things I stuff inside from falling out.


For the pages, I like the yellowish ones with no lines. For people who have trouble writing straight, this might be a problem, but it’s perfect for those who love to doodle and draw.

My current notebook is an invaluable source of info when I write, and it looks cool too with all those tickets and what-nots glued within its pages. It’s actually about to retire, with just a few more blank pages left, and its successor, only too ready to take its place—an Indiana Jonesque Muni Travel Journal. I got this as a gift and the thing I really dig about it is the illustrations inside showcasing the best destinations of the Philippines.

So there, be it a cheap old tickler or an expensive Moleskine notebook, be sure to bring one on your next trip and record those invaluable memories in writing.  It may be old fashioned, but it definitely looks cooler than your iPhone’s notepad.

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  1. i also have a small notebook and pen with me. last cebu trip namin, naiwan ko yung pen ko, nagpunta pa talaga ko ng ayala mall para bumili. sabi ni hubby, may cellphone naman bakit di na lang dun magsulat. =)

  2. ang creepy ng handwriting mo, para kang may sariling font style... galing!

  3. i dont use notebook.. I use my photos to remember the details (expense,time,destinations) of my trips.

  4. maybe we should try this next time.. better than writing notes using the cellphone =p

  5. I never bothered to bring a small notebook with my trips and I always relied on my photos in remembering stuff... which I have realized is a mistake. There are details that I don't remember na which could have been valuable.

    Since I now have a separate travel blog, I'll make sure to bring this one every time. =)

    Still waiting for Batanes entries!!!!!!

  6. I have past climbs & travels I wish I had a travel journal, now that Im on the nursery level of blogging, I hope I won't forget this indispensable tool.

    to Lakad Pilipinas- your photography is an art!

  7. same here, I always have my notebook and pen with whenever I travel. kasi minsan nakakalimutan ko ang mga nangyayari so I like writing random notes para maalala sila. (aside from photos syempre)

  8. Ako gusto ko magkaroon ng notebook for my travels, sana makadaan na ako sa NBS ng makabili na ng notebook!

  9. Though I don't use travel journal on travel, I always make sure to have print-out of the infos I get and use it as a reliable information on the places I visit.

  10. Wow, handwriting mu yan? Ganda ah, parang font lang ;)

  11. mahihiya ang MS word sa handwriting mo. ako din nahiya bigla hahah! Para kasing kinahig ng manok ang sulat ko. Anyway, I always bring notebook too. If wala naman, I write kahit sa kapirasong tissue lang basta whenever there's an event worth sharing. Chaka hindi naman kasi rin ako techie. Old skul lang. hahah!

  12. Nice idea! :) I rely on my pictures for memories but sometimes may mga nakakalimutan talaga ako especially if backlog ang post, hehe.

  13. Michi
    Haha sabihin mo artistic ka kasi kaya ganun

    Haha creepy ba!?? Baguhin ko na nga! =P

    Batang Lakwatsero, Ian
    I also use photos to remember details, but believe me, when you're backlogged for 3 to 4 months worth of trips, it's not enough hehe

    Try mo, mas cute! =)

    Tama Robbie, also learned that the hard way, di ko maalala yung food na kinain namin sa resto, tinanong ko pa mga kasama ko hehehe

    Salamat sir!

    Saka maganda tignan diba hehe

    Mura lang notebook sa NBS! Saka magaganda rin designs =)

    Tina, Malditang "Kura"cha
    Haha salamat! Sabi ni Blissfulguro creepy daw ih =P

    Agree agree! Uy bat di ako makapag comment sa blog mo, kelangan ko daw type yung captcha pero di ko makita =(