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Friday, December 07, 2018

CashBack Extension

ShopBack is one of my go-to sites whenever I shop online, and that’s getting more and more frequent these days. It’s not a shopping site per se, but a site that lets you get discounts on almost anything that’s being sold on major shopping sites across the web like Lazada and Shopee, and even travel sites like Agoda and Klook. You buy a product, and you get a percentage back from your purchase, which is then stored on your ShopBack wallet. This is good as cash, something you can use to buy more products, or withdraw to your bank account.

I first used this when I purchased a Sony lens for my mirrorless camera a year or so ago. I registered on ShopBack, clicked on the Lazada site from the ShopBack site, and then searched for the camera lens I wanted. It is a cumbersome process but it saved me at least a thousand bucks on my purchase.



With online shopping on the rise, ShopBack has introduced an easier way to know if the product you’re planning to buy is available for a discount without going through all that. The ShopBack CashBack Buddy is an add-on or browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers that do just that on a single click.

It circumvents the previous clumsy way of going to the ShopBack site, clicking on your favorite shopping website, then searching for your chosen product. With the ShopBack CashBack Buddy, you simply shop directly wherever you want, effortlessly notifying you if you can have a CashBack for that item. You then click on the “Activate CashBack” button and that’s it. No need to go to the ShopBack site. No need to choose from the sites on ShopBack. It is absolutely hassle-free.

CashBack Extension

Besides shortcutting the process of getting a CashBack, it also lets you have these benefits:

• Discover stores that you previously didn’t know offers discounts. With over five hundred stores offering ShopBack CashBacks, you’d be surprised how your favorite online shop is eligible for such. Heck, I didn’t know you can even get CashBacks when booking hotels, tours, and even buying airline tickets! I could’ve made a killing on discounts if I’d previously known about this.

• For the forgetful ones, the button also saves you from forgetting on getting a CashBack (yeah, we all tend to forget about such things).

• When looking for a place to shop, it notifies you when doing a Google search if a site offers CashBack, complete with percentage on how much savings you can get.

• And lastly, the button lets you view the actual CashBack amount right there and then. Pretty nifty, eh.


To install this, simply download the ShopBack Extension, then install it to add it to your browser extensions. Sign in if you already have a ShopBack account, or if you’re new to ShopBack, simply hit the Sign Up button.

Why shop online for the full item prices when you can save without effort. With the ShopBack CashBack Buddy browser extension, you’ll never miss a potential saving.

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