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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Flytpack Pocket WiFi Taiwan

“Where’s D?” I asked my friends as we were strolling along one of the Taipei night markets. We retraced our steps, dodging tourists and food carts along the way, but to no avail. We lost our friend to the rush of the market. But we weren’t really that worried. A quick Messenger call and a few minutes later, we’re back together again, heading for a round of Taipei Beer. The night would’ve ended early though if not for our instant Internet connection.

We used to rely on local sim cards when flying overseas for out of the country trips. During our recent Taiwan trip, we decided to try out Flytpack, a rentable pocket Wi-Fi that provides hotspot Internet connection that your friends can tether to when traveling abroad.



Renting one is easy enough. Just head on over to the Flytpack website at, enter your country of destination, travel dates, personal details, mode of delivery—for the Flytpack gadget, you can either have it sent to your house or you can pick it up from their BGC office—and lastly, your payment details. The pocket Wi-Fi is then sent to your home, or you pick it up, a day before your flight.



Fees are quite affordable. Depending on your destination country, it can go as low as ₱180.00 per day. If you’re five in the group—it can connect at least five smartphones or laptops—that means you’re instantly connected for only ₱36.00 per day. Quite cheap compared to availing of roaming plans. Granted, there is a deposit fee of ₱2,800.00, but it is refundable one to two weeks after you return your Flytpack. For our Taiwan trip, the rate at the time was at ₱250.00 per day.

Flytpack Pocket WiFi

Flytpack is currently available for use on twenty one countries. For those traveling to more than one countries, they have an Asia, Asia + Australia, and a worldwide package too.

Flytpack Pocket WiFi

The gadget itself is slightly larger and about the same weight as a regular smartphone, meaning, it can easily be pocketed. It has a small power button on its right side, a slot for charging the gadget and a USB on the left—when you want to use it as a powerbank. It comes with an international travel charger, a cable and instructions on how to use it; all niftily fitted inside a padded denim pouch. Since the charger is a tad too bulky and Taiwan has the same electrical outlets as the Philippines, we decided to leave it behind and use our cellphone chargers instead.

Flytpack Pocket WiFi Taiwan

Using it was a breeze. Simply turn it on, connect on the SSID, use the password indicated on the LCD, and that’s it. No need to tinker with any fussy settings. I just wish that the password, and even the SSID, can be personalized to your own liking, like Lakad Pilipinas, perhaps, so I can announce to everyone that I’m in Taipei, lol.

It can connect five people at the same time and its battery can run all through the day even without turning off the Internet connection. The connection speed was also very good and quite reliable, working without a flaw even on the outskirts of Taiwan.



Flytpack helped us countless of times during our Taiwan trip. While we have a tight three day Taipei itinerary, there were times when we veer off our route to detour on some area, like the time one of my friends found that a new H&M store—the biggest in Asia, he exclaimed, hyperventilating—has just opened in Taipei. We couldn’t have found that store if not for our Flytpack’s Internet connection.

What more if we travelled as we always do, with only a ghost of an itinerary or even none at all. I can imagine how much we would be relying on Flytpack to provide us with instant information for rushed moment by moment itineraries and go to places for lunch and dinner.



Then there are Taipei’s subways. It’s easy and organized enough, but for first timers, tracing our way from one location to the next was made even easier with our constant Internet connection. Dividing into two groups, especially on crowded areas and when we have totally different itineraries, was also no problem, each one having a Flytpack for easy communication and meet-ups.

And, last but definitely not the least, having a Flytpack with us was extremely useful for gadget freaks and social media junkies like us in keeping everyone connected to the net. From updating our statuses on Twitter and Facebook, and yes, posting real-time Instagram photos.

As their hashtag declares, Flytpack indeed helps.




Office Address: Level 11 KMC Solutions, SM Aura Office Tower, McKinley Parkway, BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila
Contact Number: (02) 485-8341 | Viber: (0926) 018-2272
Support Hours: Monday to Sunday, 9:00AM to 10:00PM
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  1. Replies
    1. Indeed, a very convenient way in staying connected while traveling

  2. hi, I want to ask if we can rent wifi hotspot sa airport mismo?

    1. Hi, with Flytpack, you need to rent it before flying out of the Philippines

  3. Interesting, where to get one of those app?

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