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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Buffet Dinner at Hotel Rembrandt

Kebab skewers line one of the buffet tables along the lobby of Rembrandt Hotel in Quezon City. I sauntered from one table to the next, having a hard time picking my dinner. It’s not that I don’t like the food, but more like, I like everything.

And I’m on a diet.

Hotel Rembrandt in Quezon City

The Hotel Rembrandt Quezon City is one of the pioneering hotels in the city. It is nicely situated along Tomas Morato near Timog, the nightlife district of QC. It stands seven stories high and is rated as a three-star hotel. It boasts of 71 rooms, a grand ballroom for events, a spa, a couple of bars, and dining halls.

Buffet Dinner at Hotel Rembrandt Buffet Dinner at Hotel Rembrandt

The original plan was to meet up with travel bloggers extraordinaire, R of Flip’n Travels and R of Words and Wanderlust, who were spending a few days in Manila before going back to Singapore and Australia. We were to have a buffet dinner set at The Lobby of Hotel Rembrandt, which is a steal at ₱299.00 at Ensogo, and then booze up right after on the many bars that line the streets of Tomas Morato.

Well, we got to do all that, plus more.


Buffet Dinner at Hotel Rembrandt

Filling our tummies to brimming with the hotel's superb buffet, we got to meet the peeps from Hotel Rembrandt. We were invited to tour the hotel, and as we were going from room to room, a light bulb popped above our heads. Why not stay overnight? It would probably save us the hassle of going back home very drunk and we'd be comfortable the whole night.

Binging on alcohol is really not our thing (yeah, right), but it’s not everyday that you get to meet two of the most cerebral bloggers in the country.

Executive Deluxe Room at Hotel Rembrandt

And so, we got ourselves an Executive Deluxe Room for a staycation of sorts. It has two comfortable queen-sized beds, a couple of plush chairs and tables, a cable-television, a mini-ref, and an en suite toilet & bath with hot water.

Even with its apparent age (I heard they’re doing a major renovation very soon), it still felt and looked pretty snazzy.

Free Internet Wi-fi connection’s available too so we messaged another blogger friend and started with the party.


Rembrandt Painting Reproductions at Hotel Rembrandt

Hotel Rembrandt is named after the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn; or simply Rembrandt to everybody. He rose to prominence during the Dutch Golden Age and was known for moody, shadowy portraits. A few reproductions of his masterpieces are displayed along the halls of the hotel.

The owners of the hotel are clearly art aficionados, as they have three more joints—the Le Monet Hotel Baguio, Vitalis Resort Santiago, and Hotel Luna Vigan—all art-inspired.

Staycation at Hotel Rembrandt

We could’ve spent the night drinking at the hotel’s Malt Room, but we prefer the intimacy of our own room. We’re not into club beats as we once were some years back. Now all we want is a peaceful, quiet place where we can have our beers and share our stories.

We’re getting old like that.

Staycation at Hotel Rembrandt

So we picked our poison, SanMig Lights and Pale Pilsens, they have no Red Horse unfortunately, and started with the gossips stories. In the thick of things, J got up and set a couple of GoPro cameras inside our spacious room and we were like, are you sick?! He laughed it off and simply said that he doesn’t want to forget how fun this night was. Lol.

The conversation and drinking went on through the wee hours of the morning. When I awoke, the complimentary breakfast buffet at The Lobby, which is set from 6:00 to 10:00AM daily, was almost finished.

Breakfast Buffet at Hotel Rembrandt Breakfast Buffet at Hotel Rembrandt

Still reeling a bit, we all went down to the Hotel Rembrandt lobby, still in our clothes from the night before, and headed straight to the buffet table. They have hams, veggies, fruits, crispy dried fishes, corned beef, tocino, longganisa, and tapa.

And yes, coffee for our throbbing heads. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

The Lobby at Hotel Rembrandt

Finishing everything, we lounged a bit more at Hotel Rembrandt’s spacious lobby before hauling our asses back to our room to bathe. We still have a hangover from last night’s drinks and stories but we have a cure for that. After everyone’s done, we checked out, trooped to the nearest bar and continued the session.

Hotel Rembrandt ►ROOM RATES
Address: 26 Tomas Morato Extension, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Contact Number: (02) 373-3333 loc. 201-205
Email: | Facebook
GPS Coordinates Map: 14.637583, 121.035806

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