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Inflight Traveller Magazine Cover by Lakad Pilipinas

Having one’s photograph grace a cover of a magazine is one of the greatest joys for any individual who held a camera and pressed its shutter. I’m not really a professional photographer, so the pleasure of being featured out front, on a glossy magazine is, I guess, double for me.

InFlight Traveller brought forth one of my photos from Lake Bulusan in Sorsogon for this quarter’s issue of their magazine. It shows a brightly-colored boat, swaying against wind and rain as the lake was being drowned in a downpour.

Taking the photo required me to bring my non-weather sealed camera through the gushing rain, set up my tripod as I held on to my umbrella and keeping my ND110 filter free from stray raindrops. It took quite an effort, but as I realized now, it definitely paid off.

This is the second time I got my photo on a cover of a magazine, the first one was through Lonely Planet Philippines, but I have to say, it is no less thrilling than the first.

Posted by Lakad Pilipinas on Sunday, August 31, 2014


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    1. Salamat Katherine! Right picture at the right time lang :D

  2. Congratulations, Christian! I dream of seeing my photos printed in a travel magazine too. The elation. (:

    1. Thank you Led! I'm thinking of printing my covers on a poster-size prints and hanging it on my wall :)