POSTCARDS | Time Traveling to Nepal’s Bhaktapur

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Bhaktapur Durbar Square at Night

Spending two days in Kathmandu and three more in Dhulikhel, we were now ready for Nepal’s cultural capital, Bhaktapur.

If Kathmandu is crazy and Dhulikhel is laid back, Bhaktapur is a mix of both places. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is filled with unbelievably old architecture; it’s like stepping into a time machine and going back in time, only thing is, the hordes of tourists and shops also step back with you.

The walled city charmed us so much that we decided to stay for four days.

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  1. Nice photo looking forward to my trip to that side of the world in the future.

  2. I have always been amazed by places that seemed to have been trapped in time. They are beautiful and speak so much of history.

    1. I agree Marjorie, and Nepal is an exact example of such :)