POSTCARDS | Nepal’s Hidden Gem, Dhulikhel

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Friendly People of Dhulikhel, Nepal

After the maddening daze of Kathmandu, we decided to head out to Dhulikhel, a quieter town recommended to us by a friend. He said life here is more laid back. And he is absolutely right.

I guess Dhulikhel is really not on most tourist maps since we encountered only a few backpackers roaming its very quiet streets.

It has its own tourist spots, like the Namo Buddha, where it is said that Lord Buddha gave his life to a starving tiger and her cubs, and its old town bazaar, but what really impressed on my mind during our three-day stay here were its very friendly people. Even though the language barrier is very strong, it was absolutely no problem. Well, especially after four glasses of their home made chhaang beer.

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