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Tarlac JSJ Goat Farm Tour

Garbed in white, black and brown coats, the goats in a farmland somewhere in Gerona, Tarlac stared curiously at our group as we went pass their pens. It was the second day of the Microtel Tara Quin Tarlac tour and the first itinerary for the day was much to everyone’s surprise, is a goat farm.

Kesong Puti at the Tarlac JSJ Goat Farm Tour

We were told beforehand to limit our breakfast at Microtel Luisita since we’d be having another one at the JSJ Goat Farm in Gerona. While I really have no aversion to anything goat, I surmised that we’d be having goat cheese at the said farm. And I was right, kesong puti made from goat milk and pandesal started to make its rounds as we sat down near the farm’s entrance.

Goat's Milk at the Tarlac JSJ Goat Farm Tour

For drinks, we were handed bottles of their very own Aussie Pure Goat’s Milk. It was surprising that there was none of that maango smell and taste usually associated with goat products. It was as smooth as cow’s milk, and the chocolate version was even better.

We were warned not to drink water for thirty minutes after consuming our drink though as it might lead to a bad stomach, especially for lactose intolerant peeps.

Tarlac JSJ Goat Farm Tour

After our quick breakfast, we were herded towards the JSJ Farm’s goat feeding area.

The place was as clean as can be for an animal farm. Again, there were surprisingly no unpleasant odors as we went through corridors of goats munching on greens. They even looked cute, especially the young ones.

Tarlac JSJ Goat Farm Tour

Just right across the barn-feeding area was the farm’s goat-milking station. Big-ass goats started to automatically walk across the plank-way as the gates were opened. One by one, they trooped in to their milking stations, seemingly eager to let go of their milks.

Tarlac JSJ Goat Farm Tour

Well, they really are eager to have their milks taken according to our guide; he explained how it is painful for the mom goats to have an udder full of milk.

With expertise, they then pumped their goat loads into metal buckets, allowing us to see the correct way it’s done.

Tarlac JSJ Goat Farm Tour

Then, it’s our turn.

One has just to squeeze the goat udder downward and everything will flow. Do it in reverse direction and you just might get a hoof up your face hehe.

Pastillas Made from Goat Milk at the Tarlac JSJ Goat Farm Tour

Visiting a goat farm isn’t exactly an activity listed on tourist pamphlets, but our visit to the JSJ Goat Farm was surprisingly fun. It kinda shown us, city kids, a life very different from the ones we’re familiar with. It’s like an immersion of sort where we get to have our hands dirty and experience being a dairy farmer even for just a moment.

And yeah, before going, everyone was handed a bunch of sweet pastillas made from goat’s milk. Everyone was smiling from ear to ear as we went out the farm.

JSJ Goat Farm
Address: Barangay Caturay, Gerona, Tarlac
Contact Number: (0918) 908-0488 | (0922) 8181-488
Email : JSJFarm@yahoo.com
Open Hours: 9:00AM to 4:00PM
Entrance Fee: None
Website: Click Here

GPS Coordinates: 15°37'53.8"N 120°35'58.3"E

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