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Microtel Luisita Tarlac

The familiar red and cream fa├žade of Microtel Inn emblazoned itself against the bright blue Tarlac morning. We hauled ass from Manila and arrived at Tarlac City after two hours of straight driving through the highways of North Luzon. The local government of Tarlac, together with Microtel Luisita, has invited us for Tara Quin Tarlac (Tara na sa Tarlac), the first ever media tour of what this familiar but not-so-explored province in Central Luzon has to offer in terms of tourism.

Breakfast at Microtel Luisita Tarlac

Before anything else, the first order of the day was breakfast.

After dropping our bags at our assigned rooms, everyone trooped back to Microtel’s lobby for the buffet. The staple corned beef, sausage, egg and crispy danggit filled our plates; it was gonna be a full day of going around Tarlac and we’re packing in as much as we can for the day.

Microtel Luisita Tarlac

Microtel Tarlac is the first ever Microtel in the country. It was established about a decade ago and is located in a quiet part of the Hacienda Luisita sugar plantation. It’s actually not my first time to visit this hotel, having had a chance to have breakfast here some years back for the Tarlac leg of the Lakbay Norte 3.

Room for Two at Microtel Luisita Tarlac

But the lobby was as far as I got during my brief visit. We never did get to stay here, being bunked instead at the nearby La Maja Rica Hotel.

Now, I’ll finally get to try how Microtel Luisita compares to my previous Tarlac overnight experience.

Room for Two at Microtel Luisita Tarlac

Microtel Luisita’s room was as neat as can be. The famous Microtel bed was meticulously done and the room was spic and span. The room didn’t look as modern as the one I’ve stayed in at Microtel MOA, but it is as good as it probably gets, especially for a hotel that’s already a decade old.

The room is air-conditioned, has Wi-Fi access (although not free), a phone and a safe. There is cable television on board, but the TV is a tad small (which is no problem by me by the way; I don’t watch that much television especially on trips anyway).

Microtel Luisita Tarlac Toilet and Bath

Microtel’s bathroom is expectedly spacious and clean. Hot water is available, so are the usual toiletries. I didn’t find any bar of soap or shampoo though; but that’s probably due to the fact that there’s an available body wash dispenser near the shower area. There’s no indication though if it’s also good for washing hair, good thing I brought my own shampoo.

Microtel Luisita Tarlac Lobby

Microtel Luisita would be our homebase for the coming days in Tarlac City. Compared to the previous hotel I’ve stayed in at Tarlac, I would definitely pick Microtel over that one in a snap. Even if the previous one has its own pool, the comfort and modern amenities of Microtel far outweighs that.

Well, that and the unlimited free coffee haha.

Microtel Luisita Tarlac

So a big thank you to Microtel Luisita for not only providing our accommodation for our stay in Tarlac, but also for spearheading the Tara Quing Tarlac tour.

Now, time to leave that comfy bed and go explore Tarlac! As Tarlac’s byline goes, let’s get lost in Tarlac!

Microtel Luisita Tarlac
Address: Hacienda Luisita San Miguel, Tarlac
Contact Number: (045) 985-1770
Email: tarlac@microtel.ph
Room Rates: Click Here
Facebook Fanpage: Click Here

GPS Coordinates: 15°26'11.8"N 120°36'07.2"E

Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Monday, March 24, 2014


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