LAKBAY NORTE 3 | Trip Itinerary & Summary

Monday, May 28, 2012

For eight days, a group of travel junkies sped through the highways of North Luzon
in a stickered Victory Liner Bus.  They slept through makeshift bus beds and posh
hotel rooms, tried out adrenaline-pumping adventure sports, ate more than they
should, shared tales and laughter, got addicted to Pinoy Henyo, took uncountable number of photographs and created lasting memories along the road. I present you
the story of Lakbay Norte’s third installment.

D A Y  1 : B U L A C A N > N U E V A E C I J A
Norzagaray’s Pinagrealan Cave
Bass Fishing at the Pantabangan Dam

D A Y 2 : K A L I N G A > C A G A Y A N
Toploading from Tuguegarao to Tabuk
Whitewater Rafting at Tabuk’s Chico River
Sunset at Buntun Bridge
A Night at Las Palmas Hotel

D A Y 3 : I L O C O S N O R T E
Pagudpud’s Patapat Viaduct
Lunch at Pagudpud’s Kapuluan Vista Resort

Pagudpud’s Blue Lagoon
Dinner at Johnny Moon Café
Ilocos Norte Hotel and Convention Center

D A Y 4 : I L O C O S N O R T E > L A U N I O N
Paoay’s Malacañang of the North
Birdwatching at Paoay Lake
Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Paoay Lake
The Sand Dunes of Paoay
Ilocos Empanada
Dinner at Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point

D A Y 5 : L A U N I O N > B A G U I O C I T Y
Sunrise at San Juan’s Kahuna Beach Resort
Hiking through Bacnotan’s Holcim Ecotrail
Lunch at the Provincial Capitol
Te Quiero Tapas Bar & Restaurant
Airsoft Shoot ‘Em Up
A Night at Camp John Hay’s The Manor

D A Y 6 : P A N G A S I N A N
Dawel River Cruise
Matutina’s Seafood Restaurant
Go Karting at Kart City Tarlac
La Maja Rica Hotel

D A Y 7 : Z A M B A L E S > P A M P A N G A
Subic’s Jungle Survival at Pamulaklakin Forest Trail
The Ritz Tropical Spa at Subic
Dinner at The Verandah
A Wild Night at Widus Resort and Casino

D A Y 8 : P A M P A N G A
Porac’s Puning Hot Spring
The Historic Camalig Restaurant
Lubao’s Prado Farms

R O A D   U P D A T E S
DAY 1 Caving at Norzagaray & Bass Fishing at Pantabangan Dam
DAY 2 Toploading & Whitewater Rafting at Kalinga
DAY 3 Shooting Landscapes and Surfing at the Blue Lagoon
DAY 4 Paddle Boarding & Birdwatching at Paoay
DAY 5 Hiking at Holcim’s Ecotrail & Airsoft at Baguio Country Club
DAY 6 River Cruise at Dagupan & Go Karting at Tarlac
DAY 7 Puning’s Hot Springs & Lubao’s Prado Farm
DAY 8 Jungle Survival, Spa Time & Pinoy Henyo at Subic 

Lakbay Norte is an annual media familiarization tour around North Luzon organized
by North Philippines Visitors Bureau in cooperation with Manila North Tollways Corporation, Victory Liner, McDonalds, Petron and Universal Robina Corporation.

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  1. wow! sana kasama me sa tour hahahahaa

  2. Clean summary as always sir :)

  3. Thanks for this post Christian. I've been meaning to come up with the same thing for my Eurotrip but I always forget. Did you really write a diary of your trips? Antyaga! Naiinggit ako haha

  4. 42 posts! Ikaw na! Hope to see you on the road one of these days. Tapos papa-picture ako para ma-immortalize ulit sa blog mo (pwera yung videoke shot):p

  5. Kulatipot
    Next year apply ka rin :)

    Haha sensya na OC lang :P


    Haha oo Aleah eh, kelangan ko talaga mag notes kasi nakakalimutan ko na yung mga details once isusulat ko na sa blog :P

    Sipag-sipagan lang, sana kasama ulit tayo sa Lakbay Norte 4 :)